Friday, July 25, 2014

The Lip Cream called SnowStorm

Spot the difference!
Hello beauties,

I got a request to write on some LB products that we stock. 
Wow, I didn't know that people read my blog so much so that they started requesting for my review. I feel so proud! Thank you all: especially for the phone calls.

LB, as it is commonly called means LadyBurd. It's the name of a brand and their products are very rich in color and pigmented, little wonder it’s every makeup artist’s favorite.

I have done a review on some of these lip creams before. Click on Amplified and Casabella Lip Creams to read about them.

Today, I will be sharing with us how to use the LB Liquid Lips [LL] Cream in Snowstorm.
To start with, the LB LL cream is a kind of liquid lipstick. This means that it gives coverage just like a lipstick. It is not sheer at all. But you still get that glossy after feel that comes with wearing a lipgloss. So if you’re not a lipstick fan but want a lipgloss that packs a punch of bold colour, this is the product for you.

What’s more? It contains Peppermint oil that stimulates and plumps up the lip. This is a very good buy for dry, chapped lips.

Snowstorm is amongst the latest collection of lip creams that we sell and I personally love it because it is capable of making any dull lipstick come alive. If used correctly.

I decided to use it on the centre of my lips, it created this lovely ombre that goes well with all lip sizes and any lip color: reds, plum, nude, orange, berries, even browns. Because it is white, it illuminates wherever it is used.

To use: apply a little amount right in the center of the lips just after wearing your lipstick and smack. Voila, you have your pouts popping!

The pictures speak for themselves.

Here I am wearing LB Lipstick in Flirtini [my all-time favorite]
LB Flirtini is your typical baby pink lipstick. It is very rich and creamy. 
Center of lips: LB LL Cream in Snowstorm, of course.
On my eyelids, I have LB Indelible Paint in Purplexed

Others brands
Lashes: Maybelline Colossal Volumizing Mascara [2 coats].
Waterline: Maybelline Colossal Kajal
Blush: Sleek blush in Sahara

And by the way, the LB Indebible Paint are pure pigment overdose! And that’s such a delight.
Trust me, you don’t even need an eyeshadow primer for this. I wore it all day and it didn’t fade, crease or crack.
A little goes a looooong way.

To use: Just pat it on and blend gently with fingers [brushes are pointless here]. 
And that’s it today's beauty tips. 
You can get LB products and all the other products mentioned at all Casabella stores.

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  1. I love the shade of lipstick. And that Purple eyeshadow is soo bold. How much is the both of them?

    1. Hello there.
      This pink Lipstick is N1,900 and the purple paint is N2,200.
      Thank you.