Thursday, August 29, 2013

Product Review: Casabella Lip creams

Hello Beauts,

Few days ago I was raving about the Lip Creams that I fell in love with and I played with the shade Amp.

Today, I did swatches of all the shades and I must say that if you are aiming for intense and vibrant lip colour that doesn't jeopardize moisturizing your pucker then, this Lip Cream is it!

It is lightweight and applies smoothly. And it has a beautiful mint feeling in it that gives that extra zing. It's like the lip cream is "alive"! I wore it for hours and it stayed put. Now, that's every makeup artist's dream.

A cross-section
Like every lip product, make sure you exfoliate your lips properly before using the LL Cream, else it would just sit nicely into every crack on your lips and that is so not nice!
From left to right, the shades are:
Sherbet, Voltage, Amp, Red Light, Popular, Busy Bee, Comfort Zone and Smitten.

Without flash
See how Popular just stands out. I love love love. Fierce!!!
With flash

So which is your favorite???

You can get these at any Casabella store closest to you.

All Photos were taken in room lighting using a BlackBerry Device.

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  1. Really nice. I ll check them out.

  2. I like, I ll check n try them out.

    1. Hello Renata,
      you can check them out. By the way which of the shades would you love?

  3. You write so well ... Keep it up!

  4. Lovely Post darlyn,i want shebet, popurlar and smitten.please how much do they cost?

    1. Thank you dear. All the shades you want are available.
      They cost N1,850 each.

  5. Hello there, please where can I find a CasaBella store on the mainland? Thanks

    1. You can find Casabella stores at Ikeja City Mall and Adeniran Ogunsanya Shopping Mall.