Friday, March 28, 2014

Dudu Osun Black Soap: My dual-purpose love!

Hello beauts,

It's been a while I blogged about anything. Even though I have a lot of write-ups in my drafts, they still somehow take ages to enter the created post list.
All the same, I still think of you guys a lot and all that I have to share. 

I can admittedly say that I am MIA. **sigh**

These days, I seem to have more love for products that can multitask effectively. So that these will at least: 

1. Put less strain on my pocket and
2. Endear me to the product even more.[A great way to curb my product-junkiness]

To begin with, my hair is unrelaxed, I have cut off all the permed part. It's super curly and I'm in love with it. See a pic below... 


OK, I do not shampoo my hair at all. I never do. But recently, I did use loads of products, so much so I can even see them build up in my hair. 
Let me start confessing, I am guilty of being heavy-handed in product application.

And I thought to myself that my hair really do need some clarifying. 
I'm not a fan of  Apple Cider Vinegar [ACV] rinse simply because I can't be bothered. 
Worse still sulfate-based shampoos.

And so I dawned on me that the only way out was to improvise. 

How I came about Dudu Osun Soap was merely because I heard someone saying that that's what she uses. I didn't even bother checking her skin out. I just said to myself, "I know I can't use black soap."

Few days later, I found myself on the internet reading other people's review of Black Soap precisely Dudu Osun Soap. [covers face] 

Like seriously??? I couldn't even believe myself. My colleagues as well!

Dudu Osun Black Soap is made in Nigeria by the Brand, Tropical Naturals. They even have a website:
So, for those who are resident in Nigeria, you can always get it at any supermarket or store. I see that many of those outside the country by theirs on eBay. It's very easy to source.

After reading other people's review of Black Soap, I came to the conclusion: "Why not?" I chose Dudu Osun Black Soap because it was cheap [I got mine for N120], all natural and I was ok with all the ingredients. 

At least, if I had to venture into what I had said I wouldn't use, it's better to start with the cheaper version first, abi?

Back to the matter.
Many reviewers crushed and melted their bars and added some oils to make their own custom liquid shampoo. My hair needed some serious cleansing and so I chose not to "melt and mix" but to use it "as is", as a shampoo bar.

I started with saturating my hair with water and letting it soak for some minutes. Then, I lathered up some of my black soap bar in my hands. It has a very herbal and earthy smell that I love. I was so impressed at how quickly it lathered. .
With this, I knew I had to use sparingly to get just the clarifying that I needed. 

And so I lathered up fair enough. 
By the time I applied the lather to my hair, I could feel the build up dissolving, carefully detangling my hair. So, I repeated the process of lathering up in my hands, massaging to my scalp and detangling hair with my fingers till I was content.

Note: This soap lathers easily and melts just as easily.

You can bet that the build up cut down a lot of the soap that it didn't lather so much in my hair. But, by the time I rinsed it off, my hair was really very clean, I honestly did not need a second wash. It was not squeaky clean and that was exactly what I wanted. My hair felt soft and clean

After washing my hair clean, having a bath was the next best thing and so I continued with where I left off with my Dudu Osun Soap. 

The soap stung my face a little for the first 3 days of usage. I'm sure it's the lime juice in it. [again I was heavy-handed] But I continued with it and now my skin loves it even more than I do.
I learnt the hard way that a little of this soap goes a loooong way. 
Contrary to many reviews, it did not stain my towel black or brown. But, the water from rinsing it off was brown but that was all there is to it. I'm sure those who said it stained their towels didn't rinse themselves well enough.

My face usually feels tight afterwards but that's no problem. I immediately moisturize with my Physiogel Lotion.

My face is now way clearer and smoother than it used to be. And I have lesser acne break outs. Now, that's what I'm talking about! 

This is me 2 days ago. No filter. No editing.
I can confidently say that this is such a useful dual purpose product: Hair Shampoo Bar and Bar Soap. I can safely indulge in this one without the feeling of guilt that comes with overspending.

Now tell me what's not to love about this locally-made Black Soap?

Much love,


  1. Thanks o jare fr d review. My aunt used to use d soap bak then, bt pls does it exfoliate as well?

    1. You're welcome. Yes it does. It exfoliates well. But don't scrub your skin with the soap instead make it lather.

  2. Can I ask y did u cut ur hair.

    1. I cut my hair because I colored it orange and it got damaged. The damage was soo much I couldn't bear but cut it off. Pls see

  3. Replies
    1. I experienced that when I first started using it. The key is persistence. I continued and in few days, all rashes and irritation cleared.
      I mentioned that it stings so you should never leave it on your face. Just wash and rinse.

  4. Wow just hearing Dudu osun today well i will give it a try

  5. I have been using this soap for 5weeks now and it keeps breaking me out. I don't know whether to continue or stop?

    1. If it keeps breaking you out, then discontinue use. I'm all out for soothing irritated skin.
      But first, how do you know it's exactly the soap and not your other skincare/face care item that's causing you to keep breaking out?

    2. I only use either virgin olive oil or virgin coconut oil with some aloe vera gel(directly from the plant) for my skin. I make the VCO myself . These are basically the only product I use for my skin. And I take vitamin C pills. I expected that all these with the dudu osun soap will reduce my acne but it seems to be getting worst by the day

    3. Ooh I see and I am truly sorry that you're experiencing breakouts. I suggest that you discontinue use. you can consider using liquid facial soaps instead. I'm sure the lemon in the Dudu Osun soap would irritate most people.

  6. The plantain skins give the soap Vitamin A & E, and iron. Because the soap has the highest shea butter content of any soap, it also offers UV protection. The soap is also good for sensitive skin, meaning its a good option for babies or the elderly. Some people with caffeine sensitivities may need to test out soap that contains cocoa pods as there is some evidence that the caffeine can be transmitted through contact with the skin. You can get African Black Soap In Dubai here Buy Cosmetics Products Online

  7. will surely give it a trial.............thanks ify.

  8. Heyy I'm 16 years old and I have sensitive skin. Do you think dudu Osun would help with my pimples and black spots. I don't know what to do anymore. Pls reply

    1. Dudu Osun is not formulated to fade spots. And for pimples, you may experiencing what is called teenage breakout. I'll recommend you go for a Clean and Clear advantage regimen. Or a regimen for sensitive skin that still treats pimples. Regards

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Hi,
    Dudu Osun is actually a very good product... for those with the right skin type. For my type of skin[Dry and flaky/scaly], my skin felt so dry during the period i used it... My face felt so smooth at 1st, after some days i had patches on my forehead, and my checks... I had no choice but to discontinue.
    By the way, that happened when i was in High School... Who what it would be like now..


    1. If you have dry, flaky skin and you want to use Dudu Osun, I will recommend diluting it with a bit of natural oil (like Olive oil) with every use. The soap on its own can be very drying on all skin types so you can imagine how bad it will be on dry skin.

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Hi Ify! Av been using the soap for like a week now,i love its scent but it really dries my skin even after applying my body lotion(NIVEA BODY LOTION NATURAL FAIRNESS) . What i detest most bout the soap is the white stuffs it leaves in my skin as if it's kinda peeling off... I don't use it on my face coz i have an acne prone/Sensitive skin... i dunno if i should discontinue using it or ---------

  12. Hi I just started using dudu osun and it gave me rashes and patches on my face I have dry skin.... I love anything natural but don't know why it keeps giving me patches... Pls what should I do

  13. Enter your the soap good for stretch marks?

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