Monday, January 6, 2014

Product Review: Physiogel

60% of our bodies is makeup of water. From the blood to muscles to organs. Even our skin. And as such, the slightest form of dehydration can make one's skin tired and dull. I develop headaches and get cranky when I'm thirsty. Happens all the time.

Imagine what happens to the skin, the largest organ in the body, when it's dehydrated. Tightness, itchy, peeling, ashiness, discomfort to touch.

Some people naturally have dry skin but there are factors that can really make the skin dry. Factors like the weather (harmattan; winter), bathing with excessively hot water, some soaps (both bar and liquid) etc

Please note that the facial skin type is different from the body skin type in most people. Many people have oily facial skin/normal skin on the body or normal skin all over. 

I fall into the category of oily facial skin/normal skin

This the reason you should invest in a suitable face cream for your face and a body lotion.

Enough of the science, let me talk about this miracle moisturizer: Physiogel

The first time I saw Physiogel, I already concluded what it would look like without even opening it. (covers face): An annoying greasy lotion, white in colour of course and very heavy. 
And I thought to myself. I don't need extra oils. Thank you.

Until one day, a lady walked into the store where I worked and spoke so well about it. And nudged me to try it. I still had my reservations. Reluctantly, I applied a tiny dot on the back of my hand. And then I massaged it in. The lotion disappeared. My skin drank it up as if it has been thirsty for long. 

And behold, no greasy left over. Ding! Did someone just turn on the light bulb?

Quickly, I grabbed a pack, read it and the leaflet inside. It caught my attention. and that was how the rave started. I bought for my brothers, my 2 of my friends and trust me; all of them are hooked!

This lotion is just like water; the ingredients are amazing. It's fragrance and color free!!!

To me, a fragrance and color-free lotion is a dream come true. I'm not a fan of additives: color, fragrance, fillers etc. So this is just fine for me. Not that I have a sensitive skin, I just don't want all those extras.

So, you can check out the lotion at any CasaBella or HealthPlus store. 

It's my all purpose lotion. I even improvise and use it as a cleansing milk and/or makeup remover when I'm too tired :) 

Enjoy the adventure. Don't be afraid to try new things out.

Lots of love.

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  1. Hmm nice
    I guess I 'll try it

  2. Aw much can one get it(price range)

    1. Physiogel costs about N800 or N850. Price varies between stores.

  3. Hi, I'm sure this product will be so good, but i wonder if it would be really good for those with Dry-Flaky skin.... Don't laugh


    1. Hello Mary, if you have uncomfortably dry flaky skin, I will recommend Neutrogena Intensive Moisture Wrap.

  4. Hi Ify, phhysiogel is what i use and it soothes my skin perfectly but i cant seem to find it in any shop again. can you recommend a shop where i can get it