Friday, August 9, 2013

MFTV: Millare Fashion TV

My phone rang on this certain day and who else to call me? 
If not the ever fashion-forward, Millicent Arebun of MFTV. 

She was about to run the pilot of her fashion tv show and I felt so honored when she said I was going to be on her team and in her show. She needed my expertise on her show, MFTV and I was more than eager to work with her. Millicent and I have been friends since my high school days. So, it was just natural I agreed. 

I was estatic!

A little insight on what MFTV is all about.
Millare Fashion TV is a lifestyle channel for the modern trendsetter. It's all about fashion, style, glamour and attitude and all things entertainment: from the red carpet to beauty watch up to runway.

On the set of MFTV was quite fun. I met many wonderful people on set of MFTV. I loved the fact that everyone worked with a sense of urgency. From the photography to directing to set management; everyone worked in symphony.  I worked with Dara of Dara Effects in the makeup department. She made working with her such a breeze. We bonded really well. I can't wait to be on the next episode which is coming up very soon. I'll Keep you all posted.
Dara and I on set.

Dara and I also featured on Style Court: MFTV's Fashion Police. This episode is a must-watch as constructive criticisms are dished out.

At the end of day, beauts, it was worth the while.

You can watch the pilot here

Hope you enjoy it.
Lots of love,



  1. excellent production

  2. On whch station does this programme I can watch