Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Chioma: Shinel Specials

Hi beauts,

Blogging has never been made easier and effortless (grinning). Yes, I had to say it again. Hehe.

A friend of mine used this quote as her PM on BBM and I thought it'd be nice to share with you guys.

"One candle can light 3,500 more candles. I would rather share the knowledge I have than let it die with me."

That said, this post is about a student of mine I trained: Chioma Ekpo.

During the period of training, she started off at a rather slow pace but picked up much later. I must say that I am so blessed to have her as a student because she learnt quite fast, her punctuality was amazing and she was very humble both during her training session and after.

I was completely lost for words when she put these pictures up on her dp. I was bubbling with excitement and saying to myself, "I am so blessed."
Her creativity is epic! I'm so proud!

Chioma Ekpo-Bassey,
Shinel Specials,
08062242755, 08104936779

Enjoy the photos below.

Much love, peeps.


  1. Great. Nice jobs

  2. Chioma nse ekpo nice job.u re a gud learner.thumbs up

  3. Woww,dis is rily creative...nice one gurl.

  4. Thank u so much big sis @ifycynthetic nd Thanks every1 I love u all

  5. Kip it up dear!

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