Thursday, August 29, 2013

Product Review: Casabella Lip creams

Hello Beauts,

Few days ago I was raving about the Lip Creams that I fell in love with and I played with the shade Amp.

Today, I did swatches of all the shades and I must say that if you are aiming for intense and vibrant lip colour that doesn't jeopardize moisturizing your pucker then, this Lip Cream is it!

It is lightweight and applies smoothly. And it has a beautiful mint feeling in it that gives that extra zing. It's like the lip cream is "alive"! I wore it for hours and it stayed put. Now, that's every makeup artist's dream.

A cross-section
Like every lip product, make sure you exfoliate your lips properly before using the LL Cream, else it would just sit nicely into every crack on your lips and that is so not nice!
From left to right, the shades are:
Sherbet, Voltage, Amp, Red Light, Popular, Busy Bee, Comfort Zone and Smitten.

Without flash
See how Popular just stands out. I love love love. Fierce!!!
With flash

So which is your favorite???

You can get these at any Casabella store closest to you.

All Photos were taken in room lighting using a BlackBerry Device.

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Monday, August 26, 2013


Hello Beauts,

How has the month been? Mine has been awesome. Lots of working, writing and blogging and instagramming... hehe... that's where I have been lately.

With flash

Last week, we just received in our store, Casabella, beautiful and vibrantly intense shades of lip creams. I fell in love with them at once. Yellows, Melons, Bright pinks, Raging Reds, Purples you name it!

I was so eager to try out the new shades.

Today, I swatched and tried out the purple. You needed to have seen how my eyes twinkled with excitement. *makeup freak mode activated* I created an ombre lip using the Casabella purple lip cream in Amp with Tara Orekelewa's lip pencil in Osomote.

You can purchase both products at any Casabella stores.

P.S. All photos were taken in room lighting using my BB Z10.

Me likey!

What do you think? Would you rock this?


Back of lip pencil

Front of lip pencil

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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

MFTV: Second Episode Shoot

Gift and Millicent discussing modalities for the day.
Okay, so day before yesterday, I was on set of MFTV's second episode shoot. 

It was Monday morning and I arrived at the location 10am, early enough. Costumes were still being sorted out and camera work hadn't begun.

I met Esther of Hadassah Makeup. She was to work once  a guest on the style.

Gift looking smashing.

Dara came much later, she had slight difficulty locating the venue. I had missed her plenty. We hugged, chatted a little and practised our lines. Talking about lines, for the first time, the both of us anchored the all-new Beauty Watch Segment on MFTV. 
Beauty Watch is a segment on Millare Fashion TV dedicated to bringing you makeup and beauty tips. It's all about the art.

 And who else to be the director of the shoot, if not the ever creative and bubbly, JJC Skillz.

Skillz as he popularly called is the producer and creator of the award-winning group, Big Brovaz. He's an internationally known artist.

He was very attentive to details, always smiling, all over the place and still calm. I don't know how he does that. But he does it well.

You know what they say? Time flies when you're having fun; especially when work is fun.

 Here are pics of some of the ladies I worked on. Enjoy people!





Friday, August 9, 2013

MFTV: Millare Fashion TV

My phone rang on this certain day and who else to call me? 
If not the ever fashion-forward, Millicent Arebun of MFTV. 

She was about to run the pilot of her fashion tv show and I felt so honored when she said I was going to be on her team and in her show. She needed my expertise on her show, MFTV and I was more than eager to work with her. Millicent and I have been friends since my high school days. So, it was just natural I agreed. 

I was estatic!

A little insight on what MFTV is all about.
Millare Fashion TV is a lifestyle channel for the modern trendsetter. It's all about fashion, style, glamour and attitude and all things entertainment: from the red carpet to beauty watch up to runway.

On the set of MFTV was quite fun. I met many wonderful people on set of MFTV. I loved the fact that everyone worked with a sense of urgency. From the photography to directing to set management; everyone worked in symphony.  I worked with Dara of Dara Effects in the makeup department. She made working with her such a breeze. We bonded really well. I can't wait to be on the next episode which is coming up very soon. I'll Keep you all posted.
Dara and I on set.

Dara and I also featured on Style Court: MFTV's Fashion Police. This episode is a must-watch as constructive criticisms are dished out.

At the end of day, beauts, it was worth the while.

You can watch the pilot here

Hope you enjoy it.
Lots of love,


Wednesday, August 7, 2013

My Best Beauty Secret

After a major big chop on my hair due to the damage caused by use of a permanent color, I wanted my hair to grow fast.

Truth is, our hair is always growing whether you like it or not. But, I wanted more than the average half-an-inch per month of natural hair growth.

So I decided to up my game a little. Or as my friend Laila put it, do "ojoro."

And so I said to myself, "Perfectil makes great skin and hair vitamins, let me start with that."
I bought the medicine and for the next 2 months after purchase, I couldn't bring myself to pop a pill. It kept gracing my dressing table and I kept admiring it everyday.

I can be that strange. (Shaking my head)

You know what they say, you never know what's in a book till you read it. The same can be said of medicines too.

After many months of purchasing, admiring, lounging, I finally made up my mind that it was time I started taking my Perfectil. And so I did!

First I must say:
This is a nice multivitamin to add as your daily supplement despite the fact that it has Hair, Skin & Nails on it. So you do not need an additional one.

It doesn't have any bad taste or smell. So you just swallow in peace without cringing or frowning. Hehehe.

It is a one-a-day capsule. That makes life easier for me because I know if it's more than that I'll probably never remember to take them.

I haven't seen any miraculous growth yet and I'm not expecting one either for these sole reasons:
1. It's 1 week ago I started taking them, so it's too soon to conclude.

2. The multivitamin is supposed to supply your blood stream with nutrients and as the blood circulates it, every organ is fed. This process definitely has no impact on old growth of hair. It feeds new growth. This means the new hair coming out is extra strong and healthy.

Bottom line is that I bought perfectil for fast hair growth and it helped with an unexplainable itchy skin instead. One that Canesten or 1% Hydrocortisone could not treat. I must say that the itching stopped after 3 days. I was overjoyed. I didn't see that coming.

I feel good all over with lot of energy and most importantly, my skin just keeps glowing. I love the way it looks and feels.

Perfectil increases your appetite for food. This is the only issue I have with it. Asides that, I am content with the results I've seen in just a week.

You can purchase Perfectil in any HealthPlus, Medplus or any good pharmacy closest to you.

So beauts my conclusion is this, don't dwell on your lotions alone for that fresh, glowing skin, take a multivitamin daily. Your entire body both in and out will thank you for it.

Much love, bloghearts.

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Product Review: Arganics

This is my favorite brand when it comes to neutralizing shampoos and deep conditioners. It is rich with Olive & Argan Oil.

I use the Arganics OutStop This Neutralizing and Clarifying Shampoo after every relaxer application. It instantly stops the action of the relaxer on my hair without making my hair stiff or spongy. It has a color alarm that lets you know if you still have relaxer residue in your hair. Perfect.

And the OutReplenish This Infinite Repair Conditioner is just a miracle! My hair has never felt softer. I don't have words to explain this. (Blushing)

These are some of the products I experimented with during my looong break err... silence. Hehe

Much love beauts,


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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Chioma: Shinel Specials

Hi beauts,

Blogging has never been made easier and effortless (grinning). Yes, I had to say it again. Hehe.

A friend of mine used this quote as her PM on BBM and I thought it'd be nice to share with you guys.

"One candle can light 3,500 more candles. I would rather share the knowledge I have than let it die with me."

That said, this post is about a student of mine I trained: Chioma Ekpo.

During the period of training, she started off at a rather slow pace but picked up much later. I must say that I am so blessed to have her as a student because she learnt quite fast, her punctuality was amazing and she was very humble both during her training session and after.

I was completely lost for words when she put these pictures up on her dp. I was bubbling with excitement and saying to myself, "I am so blessed."
Her creativity is epic! I'm so proud!

Chioma Ekpo-Bassey,
Shinel Specials,
08062242755, 08104936779

Enjoy the photos below.

Much love, peeps.