Sunday, November 27, 2016

The Liquid Black Gold called Palm Kernel Oil

For years, this oil has been in use in many Nigerian homes. I remember my mom used to keep ours (home-made) in an old, used relaxer jar. It was even complete with the nut, shell and fibre all roasted lying at the bottom of the jar. No need to strain all the fibre since it was for home use only, I guess.

She would always use it on us whenever any one of us, my brothers and I, had fever and convulsions. She would give us some too lick too. Not that it was sweet to taste but there mere thought brings back nostalgic memories .
It was her go-to cure-all product. And truth be told it worked.

What other oil could I be talking about if not the beloved Palm Kernel Oil (PKO).
Palm Kernel Oil is very different from Palm Oil, which is extracted from the flesh of the palm fruit.
The former on the other hand is extracted locally, in this part of the world, from roasting the palm nut and shell leftover after the palm oil has been extracted.

Locally produced PKO is very dark in colour with a very distinctive and strong nutty, roasted smell. Thanks to its method of extraction, roasting.

It is easily absorbed when applied to the skin with very minimal greasy feel. It feels somewhat close to real coconut oil and here's how I use it:

- Firstly, for shine all over my hair and to seal my ends.

- I mix it with my deep conditioner for a more moisturizing deep treatment.

- As a moisturiser for my dry hands and feet especially after laundry and/or a foot soak. Or anytime they need a TLC.

Sorry for the faded henna. 

- As oil for my baby's skin.

- As a moisturiser for my baby's hair.

- As massage oil for my baby. She loves massages.

- You can also use it on your bump if you're expecting to help minimize dry skin and stretch mark.
- I am sure you too can come up with other uses for it.

I remember when I gave birth to my child, and my mom came for omugwo, she was like "where is the ude-aki (as it is called in Igbo language) for the baby?"
And I brought out one fancy Coconut oil like that. She was like, "Mba mba o. This is not what I'm talking about. It's ude-aki."

I told her I didn't have and as expected she brought the one she had at home. It's unique smell filled my house the moment she used it.
I used it on my baby's skin even up till now and looking back, I can't remember any time she suffered skin or scalp problems.

Because variety is the spice of life, I do add a few drops of my favorite essential oil; particularly lemon and lemongrass oil blend to a separate portion of my PKO for a refreshing citrus-y scent, for my use alone though and not for oral consumption.

With all these benefits wouldn't you like to give this oil a try? What is more, it is locally made in the Eastern part of Nigeria, it's affordable (@ N1,000 for a 100ml bottle). And since we're all encouraged to buy Nigerian to grow the Naira, this is a step in the right direction.

To make your order, kindly call Esther of Kaima's Farm on 08162204233. I am certain that you will definitely love it.

Till next post. . .

It's lots of love from me.



  1. I have this oil and I use it for my skin. Nice write up Ify.

  2. I always look forward to you write ups (wish they could come often). I love PKO alot. It immediately stop hair breakage when applied directly. Thanks Ify

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  8. It's also very popular in south west (can't remember the Yoruba name right now) and I remember seeing women with stones crack the hard cover and we even used it to drink Garri.

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