Thursday, November 10, 2016

How to Maintain Curls in Human Hair Weaves and Wigs

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Okay, so I got an email request from a friend of mine to post an article on maintaining the curls in curly hair and I gladly obliged; most importantly because it is in line with what this blog is all about and it is something that I have always educated my clients on. And so I thought to share it with you all.

First of all, you need to understand that curly weaves and wigs do not come pre-treated to keep bouncy curls indefinitely, hence the need to observe a daily moisturizing routine to help revitalize and protect the hair.  

Curls are very delicate and excessive styling is the fastest way to ruin the hair. Proper care is needed in order to maintain quality human hair weaves and wigs over time.  Curly weaves require more maintenance compared to the straight and wavy hair types since they are more prone to knotting and tangling.  

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Here are some ways to maintain your curly hair:

i.                    Don’t comb or brush your curly hair when it’s dry as doing so can tug on knots and tangles which leads to your hair breaking off. If you must comb your hair, ensure that it is wet and use a wild toothed comb.

ii.                   Weaves and wigs can’t freeze natural moisture and oils from the scalp unlike our real hair hence deep conditioning is required so as to keep the hair moisturized.  To keep your weave and wig curls at its best, avoid using harsh shampoo. Use the right leave-in conditioners designed for curls to keep it moisturized. Great examples of excellent leave-ins are Keracare Leave-in conditioner; Softsheen Carson Wave Nouveau Daily Humectant

iii.                Use curl activators, curling creams, puddings or serums which have been formulated specially to smooth the hair, define curls and also yield silky locks. , Aunt Jackie's Curl La La Defining Custard is a fantastic curling custard that richly moisturizes too.

iv.                 Avoid blow drying your curly weaves and wigs as this can cause the hair to frizz out. Allow the hair to dry naturally instead.

v.                  Avoid excessive handling or running your hands through the hair as this inevitably causes it to frizz out.

vi.                Avoid using the wrong products on your hair as this can ruin the overall quality of the hair and reduce the lifespan of the hair. Use only hair products recommended for curly hair.

vii.              Ensure to cover your hair with silk or satin scarf before you sleep.

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I am very well certain that if you follow these maintenance steps for your curly hair, you will enjoy longer-lasting beautiful, bouncy curls.

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