Sunday, November 27, 2016

The Liquid Black Gold called Palm Kernel Oil

For years, this oil has been in use in many Nigerian homes. I remember my mom used to keep ours (home-made) in an old, used relaxer jar. It was even complete with the nut, shell and fibre all roasted lying at the bottom of the jar. No need to strain all the fibre since it was for home use only, I guess.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

6 Tips On How To Brave This Lagos Heat!

It is no longer news that the sun in all its glory now live in Lagos, Nigeria.
My goodness!

It has become so hot that this searing heat even runs its course all through the night.
Yes you heard and you even know.

Sun ray image culled from google images.

How to Maintain Curls in Human Hair Weaves and Wigs

Hello everyone,

It's been ages I posted anything on here. Yes, I agree and I apologise for being away for that long. I have missed you all.

Not that I didn't remember or long to be back on here but when duty calls, it just calls.

Thank you all for your emails, enquiry and Whatsapp message. I am always glad to be of help.

Okay, so I got an email request from a friend of mine to post an article on maintaining the curls in curly hair and I gladly obliged; most importantly because it is in line with what this blog is all about and it is something that I have always educated my clients on. And so I thought to share it with you all.