Sunday, April 3, 2016

Wigs: A Girl's Best Friend!

For me, wigs are everything!

They are my best friend, well at least one of my best friends. And they should be for every girl. Give it a thought yourself, what else can rescue you from bad hair day in an instant without any serious effort on your part? Or even change your look from dull to diva and even daring within seconds? 

I don't know about you but I'm a wigger; wig-girl; wighead! If there's anything like the former.

So just give it up to the beautifully crafted and created designs of underlying mesh and wefted hair, masterfully stitched together. They come in all textures, styles, colors, length, the options are endless. Anything you want you can have. To me, that is freedom in its purest form!

People wear wigs for various reason: majorly personal, official and medical. The large majority falls into these categories. 

People wear wigs:
1. As a protective styling [for all hair types; relaxed or natural]
2. For carnivals and parties
3. For photoshoots
4. At/to work because they are mandated to.
5. Because they are suffering hair loss or breakage. 
6. Because they are suffering hair loss due to chemotherapy. 
7. Because they are bald
And the list goes on.

The hair used in making wigs fall into 2 categories: human hair and synthetic.
And for the wig cap, I won't take the time to explain the difference, the picture will explain it all. They can be: 
1. Full lace

culled from

2. lace front/wefted back

lace front

3. Skin top front/wefted back. [A vast majority of full wigs fall into this category].

Wig Care
It's always best to follow the manufacturer's advice in taking care of your wig.

For me since I own a lot, I can boldly say I have bragging rights as well. And this is how I care for all my wigs. 
I wash my synthetic wigs more often than the human hair ones. They're plastic and will snap back to shape unlike the human hair ones that may need restyling. Ain't nobody got time for that.

1. I pour the shampoo into a bowl of warm water and make it lather. No pouring of shampoo on the wig itself. I use either Tresemme or Hairven.

2. Make sure the wig is properly detangled before dipping it into the water. Swish the wig back and forth in the warm, shampoo-ey water. No rubbing. Just stroke the wig to work the shampoo and ease the grime.

3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 until satisfied.

4. Rinse with warm water and apply conditioner. and comb through again. Do not apply conditioner to the wig cap. It's not needed and it may be difficult to rinse out.

5. Rinse conditioner out and drip dry on a mannequin head to retain head shape. Do not squeeze or wring water out. This can distort the wig's shape.

6. Once your wig is dried, you then comb, apply leave-in conditioner and style. And you're good to go.

Leave-in conditioners you can use for wig

My Collection of Wigs
As the wiggie that I am, this post is a collection of all the wig that I have ever owned. (I will upload other wigs I modelled in another post). 
And as this is a very, very belated post, I'll just leave the pictures to do the talking for themselves, well with a little explanation of course. In bold is the real name of the wig.

1. Vivica Fox Wig Estee in #1B: This a layered side swept bob style. Synthetic.
VF Estee #1B

VF Estee #1B

2. Vivica Fox Wig Nadia in #1B/30: Side skin; with loose fluffy curls. Synthetic and entirely hand-stitched. This is the fluffiest wig ever. Super tangle free and low maintenance.

VF Nadia 1B/30

VF Nadia 1B/30
3. Vivica Fox Dare 1B/30. Side-swept layered and spiky bangs. This wig is one of oldest wigs. It has seen better days. Synthetic.

VF Dare 1B/30

4. Vivica Fox Braxton 1B. This is another oldie wig. I have worn it a million times. Center skin, long curved bangs with loose wave at the body. Synthetic; needs some TLC.

VF Braxton 1B

VF Braxton 1B

5. Vivica Fox Dawn #4. This one has center skin part, bangs and curved ends. Sorry, I rarely got to wear it with the bangs showing. Synthetic and no fuss wig.
VF Dawn #4

VF Dawn #4

6. Vivica Fox Mischa #4/27. Layered bob with fringe. Synthetic and no-fuss.
VF Mischa 4/27
7. Vivica Fox Bettina #4: side skin bang, layered side with curved ends. Bettina and Dawn looked so alike I couldn't tell them apart. Synthetic and no fuss as well.

VF Bettina #4

8. Vivica Fox Cali #4: Center skin; feathered bangs; silky straight. Synthetic, needs lots of TLC.
VF Cali #4
9. Vivica Fox Aqua #1. Layered Spiral curls. Super fluffy. I wore it more during rainy season. It keeps my neck warm. Synthetic and needs super TLC.
VF Aqua #1
10. And last but not the least on the Vivica Fox range of wigs is Vivica Fox H302 #4/27/30. Rounded short cut with tapered back. Human hair with no fuss at all. Somehow somehow, after moving into my hubby's house, I couldn't find this wig again. See how the loveliest things get missing. sigh.

VF H302 #4/27/30
11. Janet collection Afro Puff Ponytail. And please, I don't know the name. I just bought it and combed it out and it looked just like my hair. Even I can cheat with natural hair. hehehe. And it's in color #1b/27
Afro Ponytail in #1B/27

12. Some wig I bought on Konga. It didn't even have a name on it. Side swept bangs and body wave. Synthetic; lots of TLC.

Some wig like that.

13. Couture wig in ... somebody remind me... Still searching for the name. Naah, I lost it. I've thrown the box away. Human hair; lace front wig; layered side bangs with layered, feathered ends. My favorite wig so far! I wore it all through my pregnancy.

Couture wig

Couture wig

14. A nameless wig I bought from a friend, Deola. So, I just call the wig Deola. Human hair, lace-front and no fuss.
Wig Deola

 15. Bohemian Wig. At least that what I call it. I made this one myself as I grew tired of having to fix the extension all the time. I sewed it to a very old afro wig, trimmed it and voila! I also had to color it part-ombre and part-streaks. I experimented with it and it turned out fine. This wig is big and not for the faint-hearted.

Bohemian wig

I will stop here for today. I will keep the rest for another post. Pheeew, finally I did it. Hope you enjoyed them.

Hugs and more hugs,

Ifeoma Adeyinka.


  1. How much and how can i get it.fals

    1. Which one exactly are u referring to?

  2. Am talking of the vf braxton1b and couture wig.fals

    1. Oh okk. The Braxton is definitely discontinued but worry not, there is a look alike. It's called VF Essence. And it's about N14k. The couture wig was N19k as at the time i bought it.

      Regards, Fals.

  3. Where do i get them from or how do i get it...fals

    1. The Vivica Fox wig is available in Casabella stores nationwide. And the couture wig can be gotten from Couture. Couture shops in Lagos are at Shoprite Adeniran Ogunsanya and City Mall Onikan.

  4. Dear Ifeoma,

    @M65Accessories on IG has lovely wigs.. Contact us :)