Thursday, June 4, 2015

What Are Moisture Butters?

Leave in conditioners are the rave right now and for many good reasons too. Softening, moisturizing, detangling etc you name it. Hair needs to be moisturised all the time and leave-ins do the job.

I had run out of my leave in conditioner. All of them! I mean their containers have been either scraped or rinsed clean. Cantu Shea Butter leave-in conditioning cream, Shea Moisture Hibiscus and Coconut Curl andand Style Milk, 4Naturals Afro Curl Stretch Cream and the very classic S-Curls Curl Activator and Moisturiser.

I have used all four at different points of my journey and I must say I have at least a reason or two why I wasn't thinking of repurchasing any one.

The Cantu leave in was very moisturising of course, but it didn't absorb in time. It remained white on my hair for many minutes and it left no shine. It smelled divine though.
Anyway, I  figured my low porosity hair explains why the product takes a long time to penetrate. I'm sure this leave-in will work wonders for those with highly porous hair. Think, colored or heat-trained hair. (Some people also have naturally porous hair.)

The Shea Moisture Curl and Style Milk absorbs easily and smells really nice but that was just it. It was too light for my rather thick strands. The irony in the entire thing is that it clearly states for THICK, CURLY HAIR.
Everytime I used it, I felt like it just disappeared leaving no trace behind. Plus, it gave no shine at all. I'm sure it will work perfectly for girls with medium to thin strands or fine heads of 4b/4c hair.

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4Naturals Afro Stretch Curl Cream did a good job at moisturizing and leaving behind some little shine. But I couldn't get past how difficult it was to find, its weird smell, and the fact that I had to pay about N3,000 for such a small 6 ounce jar! Plus it didn't stretch my hair one bit.
The S-Curl Curl Moisturiser smells lovely, absorbs easily, leaves a teeny-weeny shine and moisturises without weighing hair down. In all, it was still too lightweight for me. It evaporated too soon.

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I just wasn't satisfied and so the search began.

What I was looking for was simple. Real heavy duty moisture with at least decent, if not great shine. No selling gimmicks.

After much searching and reading through many products, I picked up the Keracare Natural Textures Butter Cream, uncapped the golden brown cover and took the risk of tearing the white seal that covered the jar (seal not shown in pictures). Well, seal was already broken so in other words, I don buy market be dat. Lol. 

I chose to apply it to my week-old twist and not freshly washed hair so I can determine how well it will do in the moisture department.

First of all, my hair absorbed it the moment I began working it into a section of loosened twist as if it had been dying of thirst. I literally packed the butter and concentrated on my dry, raggedy ends. I waited for the white streaks to happen but was disappointed. My ends gulped in everything and became super soft. I was in awe!

And in a short time, the softness and shine that came with it when my hair had completely absorbed it, was no contest. I can officially say that this is one of my first Best June Buys. It smelled just right. Not too strong and definitely not weird. Lol.

Going through the ingredients gave me a good idea why it packed such a punch. With water as the first ingredient and  rich butters such as Shea and cocoa, I was convinced that it would live up to expectation. It was more like "body butter" for hair. Check out the ingredients list for yourself. 

In answering this post's topic, I'll say a moisture butter is a rich combination of leave-in conditioner, natural butters and oils nicely whipped together. I haven't used any moisture butter before but I'll gladly say that the Keracare Butter Cream is my favorite. And I love it!!!

It was called an everyday moisturiser that hydrates and helps achieve proper moisture-oil balance and they were right. 

So, if you want add more shine and lock in all that moisture, you can then seal each twists with either coconut, olive or jojoba oil. I was content with the results I got so I didn't seal with an oil. But I'm pretty sure I'll be sealing with coconut oil during another fresh use.
I will definitely repurchase again and again.

Till next post, enjoy the pics. Hope you love the look. 

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