Sunday, June 14, 2015

The Fight Against Dry, Tight, Itchy Skin!

My go-to body moisturiser has always been Olay Total Effects 7-in-1 Anti-aging lotion or Physiogel Lotion.

As the year rode by, the fragrance free Physiogel Lotion became more appealing to me and definitely more moisturizing that I had to discontinue use of the Olay Lotion and switch to using the Physiogel heavily. And when I say heavily, I meant every letter. I used it at several times of the day and slathered on a large quantity on each single use.

For a while, the Physiogel sufficed. But as my skin became drier, tighter and itchy, my moisture needs grew and I became lazier to whip up any homemade moisture butter (from either my Shea, cocoa or mango butters).  I longed for another moisturiser.
This goes to prove a fact: Human needs are insatiable.
Back to the homemade moisture butter part, I wasn't exactly lazy to be honest. I just didn't have a hand mixer, whether electrical or battery-powered. If I did, I would make a body butter from any of my butters using the remaining Physiogel Lotion as base.  But I was not ready for that kind of splurge now.

So, I had to get a moisturiser to match my needs. I had eyes on Elizabeth Arden Body Butter but it was way over-priced. First, it's a great moisturiser and it's deliciously fragrance-free but it came in a jar. I honestly don't like dipping my fingers in anything for 2 reasons.
- To avoid contaminating the product and;
- The constant opening and closing of the jar puts pressure on the antioxidants (if present) and/or preservatives.
So, whenever the junkie in me says "Ify, buy it", the sense in me reminds why I shouldn't.

Earlier this week, a colleague of mine sought a rich moisturiser as well and I told her of my search too. Coincidentally, she was using the Olay Total Effects Lotion too and didn't find it moisturizing enough. So she searched the entire store, I decided I will not intrude nor intervene in her search. And I didn't. When she finally resorted to Neutrogena Intensive Moisture Wrap Body Treatment, I had to beg her to test it.

Lighter than a body butter yet insanely creamy, I fell in love with it on first rub. I quickly grabbed the pack to see what it's made of. Water, Glycerin, Capric Triglyceride, Dimethicone, Petrolatum, Lanolin, Urea: it was clearly saturated with a rich blend of skin conditioning ingredients that glided on like silk and didn't end up feeling like you just applied only water. That was what the Physiogel Lotion was beginning to feel like.

What's more, it provided my skin with so much comfort because it's moisturizing properties lasted long. Plus, it comes in a pump top opaque bottle (for ease of use) and is totally fragrance free. What's not to love?

You can be sure I bought my own lotion and I love how my skin feels when I apply it; as if I'm coated in silk. Just like the Physiogel, I don't use it sparingly but because it meets my needs, I don't apply as much quantity like when using the Physiogel.
I know it's fragrance free but I love the smell. I have seen some fragrance free products that gave off a terrible pharmaceutical smell. As much as I craved no added fragrance, I didn't want to be constantly reminded of medicines or hospitals with each use. And I'm glad the Neutrogena lotion is far off from that.

So, if you ever suffer from uncomfortably dry skin or you need something more moisturizing, opt for the Neutrogena Clinical Strength Intensive Moisture Wrap Body Treatment Norwegian Formula. I'm sure you'll love it as much I do.
And if you already use it, do share your thoughts with us.

Till next time, enjoy these photos.

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  1. Hi ifycynthetic,
    You are really doing a good job, thank you so much for the reviews. I couldn't post on the cookieskin review hence here.. can you tell me where to get the cookieskin lotion in lekki please..

    1. Thank you so much Zeta. You can get the CookieSkin lotion from Casabella at Palms Shopping Mall.
      Or better still, contact Leslie Okoye on Instagram and she'll give you list of other stores where her products are stocked.