Sunday, May 3, 2015

Awesome April Buys!

Hello beauties,

Happy May Day!!! It's been ages I posted an article I know. Well, the months of March and April were not as free as I had thought.
You can imagine my joy as I found out I will be having a 3-day holiday starting May 1st. I knew I had to make good use of it.

Nothing spectacular has happened with my hair and it's styling. I've had my hair in the same old 2-strand twists from early March till now. And asides moisturizing and washing it in twists, then retwisting to renew it, nothing else has happened. Well, except serious growth thanks to little manipulation. That will be story for another day.

In skincare though, trust me to always try something new. As usual, I bought some new stuffs that I'm soo happy to review. I love every single item so much so that I use them everyday except for one.

Topping this list is:

1. Natural Nigerian Black Soap with Lemon, Lime and AHA.

I bought this soap in early April and did not start using it until few weeks later. Largely because I am aware of how drying Black Soap can be. But after reminding myself that I knew black soap was harsh before buying and I gave in and started using my soap. And as usual, my skin revolted by breaking out lightly. That did not deter me and before you know it, the breakout gradually disappeared on their own.

The main reason I am so in love with Natural Nigerian black soap is that it is a wonderful makeup remover. I REALLY don't need to wash my face twice. It removes the toughest of makeup.
Also, I love the fresh smell and the fact that it had no artificial fragrance.
Did I mention it lathers like crazy? A little goes a long way!

Cocoa Pod Ash, Shea Butter, Organic Aloe vera Juice, Glycerine, Freshly Squeezed Lime Juice, Lemon Essential Oil, Malic acid, Tartaric acid, Citric acid, Glycolic acid and Lactic acid, Natural Preservatives: Caprylic acid, 1,3-Propanediol, Laurix acid, Potassium sorbate. 

The only downside with this soap, as with all black soaps, is that they do not moisturize. So be sure to follow up with a good moisturiser after use.

2. Mr. Pumice Callus Terminator.

Believe me when I say this stuff takes the hardwork away with removing stubborn calluses and corns. I hadn't had a pedicure in months and going to the salon was obviously not a option at the time. And so for the price of N2,600, I gave in to my temptation. The result? A bottle of this Terminator rests on my bath tub.

All you need to do is follow the instructions to the letter.  I applied this gel-like product only to the sides, back and under of my feet and let it sit for 5 minutes before using a Pumice bar to scrub it off and rinsing off with warm water.
Mr. Pumice Foot Bar with handle. 

Trust me, dead skin cells came off in a breeze. This saved me time I should have spent in the salon with the pedicurist shaving endlessly away at the feet. I will upload a before and after much later. I didn't have the time to take pictures the day I used it because I was in a hurry.

The result? Smooth, baby feet and sole. Apply a butter immediately after rinsing off.  If you still feel some roughness anywhere on your feet, repeat the process the next day.

Gel-like consistency 

The little I applied on my finger in the picture above (for the picture's sake) did not stay up to 50 seconds. But by the time I rinsed it off, I could already feel smoothness like I was loosing my fingerprints. The Callus Remover was already eating dead skin away.
This product is really high in Sodium and Potassium Hydroxide so be sure to use as instructed and not directly on skin. And do not use everyday!  It has a strong peppermint scent that is forgiving.

Lastly for this post,

3. Natural Nigerian Mango Butter. 

I have longed to own Mango Butter for myself largely because I was so eager to try any other butter asides Shea Butter. You all know the drill with Shea Butter. You have to whip it before use if not, it will remain as is, rock hard.
I must mention also that I have Queen Helene 100% Pure Cocoa Butter. But believe me, pure cocoa butter is even harder than Shea Butter but the chocolate-y smell is so heavenly I use that in consoling myself that I didn't waste my money. So I end up using it on my lips alone. It's already too hard to whip. Good thing it melts on contact.
Cream in color
You can imagine my joy when I was scrolling through my instagram page and Natural Nigerian posted that she had the real Mango butter for sale, I knew I had to get me a jar. I ordered for it asap and it arrived much earlier than I thought. *satisfied customer smile* I couldn’t wait to dig my fingers in it.
And when I did...

Soft, creamy butter! The perfect consistency. It melts on contact with skin. This must be butter heaven! And even though it smells nothing like mango, its scent is nowhere near offensive. It's not exactly nutty and I can't seem to pinpoint it. But all I know is that it has a mild scent which I adore.

I am so in love with this butter that I use it everyday on my skin, after my body lotion, to help relieve dryness on my lower back, thighs and butt. What's best? It's not as greasy as Shea Butter.
I will surely use as a hair sealant and see how well it does. This one is definitely a keeper.

That's it for product review on this post,
Till next time beauties,
Take good care,



  1. Hello, where can I get the callus terminator and black soap? And you are doing a really good job, please do keep it up.

    1. Hi dear, you can get the callus terminator at any of the Casabella Stores. As for the Natural Nigerian black soap, visit and order it online. Regards.

  2. Hi dear, you can get the callus terminator at any of the Casabella Stores. As for the Natural Nigerian black soap, visit and order it online. Regards.