Thursday, February 19, 2015

Let Us Talk About Fabulous February Buys!

The month of February is the month of love. The whole aura of valentine's day for many lovers may have been completely dampened by the elections if not that they ended up being postponed. 

Well,  I'm always in the mood for love. I can't say the same about the elections though. Speaking of love, I made this list of Top 5 February Buys that I loved buying.

What other item to top the list if not a moisturiser with sunscreen. 

1.  Moisturizer with Sunscreen. 
Harmattan is long gone and the heat is back. More like the sun is back.
Y'all know how much of a Sunscreen lover that I am. And so, on one fateful day like that, I laid eyes upon this baby. Or more honestly put, she was eyeing me. Any which way, allow me to introduce to you: Olay Complete Daily Defense All Day Moisturizer with Sunscreen SPF30 for Sensitive Skin

N3,750 was not such a cut-throat price. I knew I had seen a steal. Or so I thought. 

It's a pretty much impressive product that does just what it says: Moisturize. And for the Sunscreen part: It leaves no white streaks and is not greasy. 
I have applied a bit too much. 
This photo was taken almost
immediately after rubbing it in. 

But bear in mind that it does not say it's Broad Spectrum. I had bought it before I even realized. That doesn't write it off completely. It is still an excellent Sunscreen all the same because of its 6% Zinc Oxide which gives protection from UVA.

If you find your skin does not like most of them other Sunscreens, it may end up loving this fragrance-free, grease-free one, suitable for sensitive skin.
As for me, my Avon Skinceuticals Broad Spectrum SPF 50 is exhausted and this Olay is a great available alternative.

2. Makeup Remover wipes. 
There are days when I'm just too lazy or too tired to use my face wash. Such epic days seem to have been increasing in frequency. Since I know it's not healthy for me and my skin to sleep with makeup on, the Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes comes to my rescue every time.

Like seriously, where have you been all my life? *in rihanna voice *

Obviously, I  don't use them every single day. But on the day I do,  they do a wonderful job of ridding my skin of makeup.

What the bonus for me? It doesn't sting when used around the eyes. This one's a keeper! 

3. Fish Oil. 

For me, this has become a staple! I use them every single day. These were a major breakthrough for me during my bouts of severe hormonal acne.

When I do stop using them, and I have stopped at several points just to prove a point, I always discover my skin feels rough to touch. And then I continue and the smoothness and suppleness returns in about a week of continuous daily use. 
Two soft gels a day is all you need. What's more? Fish oil promotes heart health. 

4. Anti-bacterial wipes.  
I love to wash my hands with soap and water. It's my nature. If you wash hands as frequently as I do, you will know no illness. 
Where my store is is quite a long trip to the bathroom. And washing hands with just water when I don't have the luxury to make that long bathroom trip is just as irritating.  

I decided to invest in Wet Ones Be Cute Delicate Anti-bacterial Wipes. It costs N570 and has 12 wipes in a pack. That was reasonable enough.

I don't know about the 99.9 germ-killing part but what I do know is that it wipes my hands clean like I just came out of the bathroom. 
What's more?  It leaves no after-feel. My hands felt clean like hands should feel without the drying effect of a soap. 

I definitely end up making the long trip. Nothing can replace good old soap and water but in the absence of both, especially in a hot sweaty place, this comes in handy.
Caution!  These wipes were not designed for use on the face. 

5. Facial Wash. 
I have ranted so much about this product here, here and here. Pardon me if am doing it again but I feel I need to. I found my favorite Facial wash in a pump bottle! Isn't that wonderful?

Now I don't have to worry about my facial wash spilling onto fabric during trips or wastage during use. The pump bottle comes in 200ml size while the tube comes in 207ml. Both at the same price. 
If 7ml less is the price I pay for pump, I'll gladly pay it. Even double. Anything to simplify life the more. Hahaha. 

So my dearest peeps, let me let you in on my beauty New Year's Resolution which is to refrain from indulging in unnecessary beauty buys. 
And these 5, are clearly a great place to start from. I'm feeling so proud of myself. Yeah... 

Till next post, 
Yours sincerely, 



  1. where can i get the fish oil from(pls state the prices)? and the olay moisturizer?

    1. The Fish oil costs about (N1800-N2500) and the brand doesn't matter. As long as it says Fish oil. You can get it at either HealthPlus or MedPlus pharmacies.
      As for the Olay moisturiser it costs N3,750. I'm quite sure I mentioned the price in the post. You can get it at any Casabella store near you.

  2. how much is the olay foaming face wash?

    1. The Olay Foaming Face Wash costs N1,800. And you can get it at both HealthPlus Pharmacy and Casabella Beauty stores.