Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Mrs. CookieSkin

Hello people,

Happy New Year to you!!!
I started the year on a blissful note. Yeah! I got married on the 3rd day of January 2015. The event was wonderful. Still feels like a dream. So by now I'm sure you can tell that that was what I was referring to in this post. I will be uploading pics from the ceremony in another post.

During preparation for my wedding, I can't believe I fell for the "make sure you get glowing skin" hype from my friends. Loool. Some of them were like, "get to the spa for some bridal massage" (I wonder if the massage given to bride-to-bes was any different from the regular massage) while the others suggested I used a brightening cream so my skin can "glow" .
I had to Google the meaning of glowing skin to be sure I knew what they meant. Long story short,  I fell for the hype. I  can't believe I'm admitting to this. *covers face*

Feel free to call me the Queen of Experiments. 

So, I ended up purchasing my first set of the CookieSkin products. Truth is,  I have been itching to try them out ever since I laid eyes on them. I guess I found a good excuse to buy it: My Wedding! *grins*

The complete range of CookieSkin Dermal Repair products (from left to right) are:
1. CookieSkin Complexion Shield Sunscreen SPF30+
2. CookieSkin Whitening + Acne Serum
3. CookieSkin Nourishing Whitening Cream 
4. CookieSkin Brightening + Anti-aging Serum
5. CookieSkin Tri-active Brighten and Protect Day Fluid
6. CookieSkin Brightening Body Lotion SPF30

The CookieSkin Range

I didn't need no. 1 because I already had my Avon Skinceuticals Sunscreen SPF50.
I didn't need no. 2 too because I already had my Neutrogena Acne Stress Control Treatment. 
I also didn't pick no. 4. My Olay Total Effects Anti-aging Serum hadn't even gotten to half the bottle. So, after checking that I wasn't purchasing any repeat product, I settled for no. 3, 5 and 6.

The ones I chose. 

I had to pause my Olay Total Effects body Lotion and start using the Brightening Body Lotion SPF20. 
And after 1month and 1week of use, I can give my honest verdict: 

CookieSkin Brightening Body Lotion SPF20

Price: N7,500
Fragrance: Very mild flowery scent. Not overwhelming and does not linger.
Color: White

Texture: smooth, creamy texture. Absorbs fast.  For a lotion that has Titanium Oxide as its main and active ingredients, I must admit that the formulation is right. It doesn't leave any white streaks during or after application. I love how smooth it feels to the touch when rubbed. I can't explain it. I just love it.

It is grease free. It is not very moisturizing. So if your skin is dry or you like the creamy after feel of a moisturizer on your skin, you may want to use your moisturizer before using this lotion. 
I do not recommend mixing this lotion with any oils, serum or lotion. Even those from the brand itself. Do NOT mix. Mixing will definitely create an imbalance in the sunscreen's formulation and in turn alter it.
Key Ingredients: Titanium Oxide, Glycolic acid, Lactic acid, Jojoba oil,  Salicylic acid, Nicotinamide, Ascorbic acid, Vitamin E.
See ingredients list. 

Verdict: Clean, smooth skin. Minor spots on my arms faded. My skin tone did not change. If you're looking to lighten up several shades, then this is not for you.
It also helps with preventing sunburn. You all know how much of a sunscreen lover I am. I used this alone without using any of the Avon or Olay Sunscreen on my chest and upper arm and it didn't get darker than the rest of my body. Infact, my entire upper body blended out evenly. It gives decent protection from the sun. (Note: My chest and upper arms always gets darker than the rest of my body when I don't wear Sunscreen on those parts).

Repurchasing?  Yes.

CookieSkin Nourishing Whitening Cream
Price: N6,000

Fragrance: extremely mild flowery scent. You can barely know it's there.
Color: Pale yellow color.

Texture: creamy and glides on the face smoothly. Does not sit on skin. Absorbs fast.
Key Ingredients: Kojic dipalmitate, Licorice, Vitamin E,  Vitamin B3, Jojoba Oil, Alpha-arbutin.

Verdict: This served me just well. Faded post-acne marks lightly. Since my face is oily this moisturized nicely. No greasy feel during and after application. And that's a plus for me.
Repurchasing? Yes.

CookieSkin Tri-active Brighten and Protect Day Fluid
Price: N10,000

Fragrance: Light, fresh citrus scent
Color: Clear, colorless liquid.
Texture: Feels just like water.

Key Ingredients: Arbutin, Orange Oil, Vitamin C,  Ascorbic acid, Sodium hyaluronate.

Verdict: Honestly, I was disappointed with the consistency of this fluid. Well, I shouldn't have expected more, the name says it's fluid. I was wrong to have expected something other than that.
It feels and looks just like water. 
It's not easily spreadable. But when you warm it in your palms, it foams ever so slightly. That's how I have managed to get it on.

I didn't get so much results from it with respect to brightening my skin's complexion. I will have to finish the entire bottle to find that out.

Repurchasing? No. The glass bottle and dropper wasn't easy to use. There was a high risk of the bottle tipping over many times as I'm not that careful. 
The product itself was not easy to apply.
And the price, not pocket friendly.

I know many people swear by the Tri-active Fluid, I guess maybe it takes some time to produce results or maybe it's not just for me. 
In all, I can say that CookieSkin is a great brand. And I will gladly recommend it to anyone seeking to have a clean, healthy and even complexion. I'm glad I gave into that pre-wedding glowy skin hype my friends and colleagues talked me into; it paid off. Over all results,  I got head to toe nice yellow pawpaw skin. Yay!


Without flash. With flash. 

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. All products were  purchased by me. All opinions and verdicts are strictly mine and are based on my own personal experiences with these products.


  1. Congratulations Ify!! May God bless you new home :). How long did you use the cookie skin range of products to get that difference in the pictures you showed. Secondly, do you apply make up immediately after applying the cookie skin products?

    1. Hi Rachel,
      Thank you so much.

      It's been 1month and a week that I started using the CookieSkin products. The second pic is not a before and after photo. It's a without and with flash one. I will label it correctly now.

      Yes, I apply my makeup immediately. Well, almost immediately because before I wear my makeup, I put on my underwear and clothes, some minutes will have gone.

    2. This morning, the Bottle of the Tri active cream broke after using it just 4times.I recommend they come in plastic form.

    3. This morning, the Bottle of the Tri active cream broke after using it just 4times.I recommend they come in plastic form.

    4. Hi Anon Aug 21,

      I recommend plastic bottles and dropper as well. With the risk of the glass breaking, I am forced to believe I'm paying for the glass and not the actual content.

  2. Congrats, Ify! Love the review. I haven't seen too many reviews on the Cookie Skin line.

    1. Hey Uzoma. Happy New Year to you and Thank you very much.

      I didn't see a lot of reviews myself when I wanted to buy it. That led to me making this one.

  3. congrats on your wedding, happy home with lots of kids. cheers

  4. Thank you so much for your review. I may have to do one myself. I've been using Cookieskin for 3 months now and I'm hooked. I love the TriActive Fluid, to put it on just drop it in your palm and use your finger tips to apply it. I think for me it really make my face brighter and radiant using it with the Nourishing Whitening Cream. The only one I'm yet to try is the Whitening Acne Serum. So far, I will keep using, my skin is looking great.

    1. I'm glad you're loving the Tri-active Day Fluid. How many bottles have you used? You're sure giving me a rethink on it. Lol

  5. Hmm I want to lighten my skin o so as d name implies brightening I hope it brightens me

    1. I could swear u people were paid to do a review on cookie skin products. #Note Anyone considering purchasing Cookie skin, don't! It's over priced, it doesn't do anything magical, small quantity, you will just be dark. If the cream was 500 naira. Then it's worth it. For 9k each or there about. Absolute bullshit and complete rip off. Get other good products way less cheaper. For 9k you would get a very good range of skin care products that would actually tone and repair ur skin. Even shea butter and bio oil covered up with spf 50 would do a lot better than this over priced crap. Leslie you are a thief and a liar. Go and start another business and stop deceiving people with flawless skin so edible bullshit. You take pills so please stop misleading people.

    2. Dear Anon, yes Cookieskin is high priced but if you follow the regimen, your skin will be healthy and in turn glow. I DO NOT work for Cookieskin or its owner Leslie neither was I paid to do any review. I bought the product myself and gave my own honest take on it.

      It's a product and not all products work for everyone (not even mentioning individual skincare history). So I understand your situation. As natural as it is, many people still react to Shea butter.
      I hope you get the point I'm trying to make. Thank you.

  6. Hmm I want to lighten my skin o so as d name implies brightening I hope it brightens me

    1. Hi Sammy, the CookieSkin lotion will definitely give you healthy and glowing skin majorly by exfoliation and sun protection, which is a good thing.
      But if your desired "brightening" is a few shades lighter, I cannot guarantee that it will do that.

    2. Hi Ify! Thanks for the review. pls how long did u use it before the review? are u still using the cookie skin products and can u do another review on it? espefially the DR body lotion i.e up until wen u finished using it. Thanks in advance..😊

    3. Hi Ify! Thanks for the review. pls how long did u use it before the review? are u still using the cookie skin products and can u do another review on it? espefially the DR body lotion i.e up until wen u finished using it. Thanks in advance..😊

  7. hi ifycynthetic,love the work you are doin...just wanna ask you where(i mean which store,supermarket or whatever)you got the whole cookieskin range..thanks sis

    1. You can get the whole CookieSkin range at Casabella Stores present in any of the shopping malls (preferably the ones with Shoprite) closest to you.
      But I'll recommend you place an order with any of the Beauty Advisors you meet if you get there and the product is not in stock. Truth is that they run out pretty fast.

  8. hi ifycynthetic..i think i wud luv to try dis product
    ..pls where can i get it frm

    1. You can get it at Casabella which present in all Shoprite stores/malls nationwide.

  9. Is the brightening lotion spf20 safe for use during pregnancy

  10. I use Cookie skin DR complexion day lotion SPF50, DR Tri active brighten and protect day fluid, DR brighten and anti aging serum, DR nourishing whitening cream. I use them just as it was recommended on the Cookie skin website.

    The products made my skin smoother and younger looking. it did not make my skin lighter in any way and I have been using the product since August. i.e 2 months now.

    So, I will say that its a product range that's great for repairing damaged skin just like they say on their website. With time, the product could lighten you but you will only be about half a shade lighter not white or Oyinbo at all. Its definitely not for bleaching. If you want to be very yellow, its not the product for you.
    Its not for bleaching it just to give you the best skin you can ever have.

    Team cookie skin all the way.
    My favourite is the completion day lotion SPF50. I have never seen a sunscreen that is translucent and gentle on application until I used Cookie skin.
    its the best.

    1. Theirs is one of the best sunscreens I've used so far. Thank you for this honest comment Moji.

  11. Am in ASABA delta state, pls where can I get these products

  12. Wow. Mojisola you just broke my heart when I read the part you said it didn't lighten you and the cream is not for those that want to lighten their skins...I was almost buying it but changed my mind after that. Thanks dear for that review.

  13. I started my first bottle. And so far I think I'm loving the feel of my skin. Let's see how it goes though in terms of appearance.