Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Top 10 Questions People Ask About My Natural Hair!

I get to meet a lot of people every single day. Thanks to my job. And whenever I wear my hair natural especially wash and go's, I create a circus. It always happens.
Both men and women are amazed at it. And even other naturals too. 

Even though keeping natural hair is trending now, there a whole of ladies who don't buy the whole idea. But I don't blame them. It's their hair after all. And they can do whatever they want with it.

Below are some top 10 questions that I have being asked over and over again. At least, the ones I can remember.

1. Why is it so curly?

This one takes the cake! I mean this has got to be the funniest. Surprisingly though, I get asked this question from more natural ladies than relaxed! 

My response: As long as you're African, African-mixed, you are bound to have hair that curls in its natural state i.e. when it has not undergone any chemical treatment.

2. How did you get it to be so curly?

This is usually asked more frequently by natural girls. 

My response: It's all about the combs, girl. Dump them if you want more curl definition, and finger detangle when washing. My wash and go usually include only leave-in conditioner and my own Shea Butter mixture. To finish it off, I spray any Oil Sheen Spray all over. That's where I get the shine from.

3. When will you relax your hair?

Like seriously?
My response: NEVER! 
I am tender-scalped. I have a terribly soft spot at the crown [center] of my head. If anyone else touches that place, tears literally come out of my eyes. A relaxer can not help me with that. Besides, I love what I am seeing so relaxers are no longer an option for me.

4. Are you completely Nigerian?

My response: YES. [It had to be in capital letters] Both my parents are from Anambra State. 
I am usually asked this from both natural and relaxed ladies alike. When I tell them where my parents are from, they then go ahead to say: "Maybe there's someone in your lineage that has "white" blood." LOOOL.

5. Can you comb it? It looks so painful.

My response: Of course I can and do. Only when wet and with loads of conditioners in it. I can't just wake up one morning and start combing my hair dry. 
The response I get when I say this is: "That must be so painful. I can't imagine not combing my hair everyday."

6. Did you texturize it?

My response: No I didn't. I just said it's natural. Texturizers remain what they are: mild form of relaxers.

7. Can I touch?

My response: Yes please, you can. But don't rake your hands through :)

8. What products do you use?
Y'all know what my response will be already!
Read here, here and here.

9. Can you fix weave-ons?

My response: Why not? See a picture of me wearing weaves.

10. So how do you wash it?
This is how.
My response: I wash with conditioner. Loads and loads of conditioner! I only use Dudu Osun soap once in a while to clarify build up.

Okay people, I know I say 10 but I couldn't resist not adding this one.

11. Why does it become long when pulled 
and short when released?

Several of my male friends have asked me this.
My response: I first give them the side-eye and then go, "Are you for real? It's called shrinkage! Even your own hair is like that." 
Apparently, they don't believe and want to argue. I just sigh and change topic.

If you're a natural or relaxed hair chic with stunningly beautiful hair, people will always ask you questions. Some will even argue and bet. And you will laugh over it all.

So what's the wierdest, funniest question you have ever been asked? Kindly share.

Lots of love.


  1. Lol..i can definitely relate to some of these questions. i made a post earlier on something similar here

    1. Dear Nofisa, you got me laughing when you said: "Dear Miss/Mrs. NSCDC security officer, I could sue you for that question you know? I’m trying to achieve awesome curls..."

      I mean what is it with combs really?

      In this part of the world, we have relaxed our hair so much that we don't know our true texture or what it looks like when we see it. Now, I feel Blue Ivy's pain.

  2. I recently started growing my natural hair. I have one question. what weave did you use?

    1. Welcome to the natural hair community. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. I use Kinky braids as add-ons and for extension, I wear Bollywood hair.