Thursday, September 18, 2014

My 1st Book Review: The Job Seekers' Creed

Hello everyone,

Today, I will be reviewing the book: The Job Seekers' Creed by Emem Etuk. 
This is my first book review! In fact, this review is long overdue. 

It was given to me as a gift from one of my dearest Facebook friends despite my plea to buy it from him. You all know that one friend on whose status you always comment on but have never gotten to meet in person. Read on...

Ernest Emem Etuk is such an inspiring young man. And his Facebook status updates were always a pleasure to read; one I always looked forward to. I followed him through his graduation updates to NYSC camp updates. Even his job search updates. 
Well, I knew he was hunting for a job but I honestly had no idea how long it tarried. This was early 2013.

I am sure by now you can guess who gifted me with my own copy of The Job Seekers' Creed.
Ernest Emem Etuk
Anyway, fast-forward to August 2014 when I met Ernest in person and he was exactly how he looked and his voice was exactly as I had imagined. We met because I was interested in his book: The Job Seeker's Creed. I wanted a copy for myself. The curiosity thing again plus, I wanted something inspiring to read amidst all the Ebola outbreak and bomb scare. Did I mention that I love reading?

Yay! I got an autographed copy.
After several time hurdles, he finally delivered the book to me himself in my office. I couldn't wait to delve into each and every page. I just finished reading it few days and couldn't wait to share with you guys. I guess I kept postponing it because I was more occupied with my long-overdue pending posts. 
Here goes >>>

The Job Seekers' Creed
The beginning of the book was focused on how the author struggled to get a job, hustling on the streets of Lagos. It was so real anyone could relate with it. 
And then he went on to explain the Nigerian Job Market, in relate-able English, how employers behave in this current situation of where we have more job seekers than jobs. 
If you have ever gone through any job hunting sessions, you will understand just exactly what the author is saying.

As I continued, I felt as if I was on a journey. No actually, he took me on a journey especially from Chapter 4: Desperate Time, Desperate Measures. It was intriguing to read about how some people [from all around the world] hunted for jobs in very unconventional ways. Majority of them got the attention of many employers and landed their dream jobs. I knew I did more of a follow-up than stalking when I searched for a job. I was more on the gentle side.

Then, there was the SWOT analysis. You know I have never even considered this aspect before. It was such a refreshing read. Know your likely obstacles and how to tackle them. This always gives you an edge over others. 

Job Search Tools: 
What's a Job Seekers' creed without a thorough explanation of every job seeker's most important tool: a CV.
This chapter was spot on. I can not over-emphasize it. I mean there was nothing I was expecting to see that I did not find. Especially cover letters. Many Nigerian graduates don't even bother about a cover letter when applying for jobs. This teaches you what should be in your cover letter and how they should be. 
At the end of it, I came to one conclusion, edit your CV and cover letter to suit the position you are applying for. Of course that is if you are qualified for the position.

The book also talks about the Recruitment Process: From job application; various kinds of tests and interviews;  several interview questions answered to salary negotiation; how to dress and even colors to wear! This chapter was so in-depth and explanatory. Little wonder it is the bulk part of the read. You will have to get the book and read to understand it for yourself.

The Strength and Weakness Question in
the Recruitment Process Chapter
Chapter Eight was the chapter I found to be the most interesting. It covers real life stories of unconventional recruitment in Nigeria. Real life situations I have never known of until after reading. 
I love Respondent #6. It's the real definition of unconventional! I will share a pics of the section. hahahaha! 

Several other interesting chapters like Recruitment Fraud, Fulfulling Your Campaign Promises, etc but I will draw the curtain on it here. So that I don't go ahead and write the whole book in the process. Hopefully, I have whet your appetite enough for you to "vex go buy your own copy" LOL!

So whether you're a student, a worker, currently job hunting or wish to switch jobs and/or career, this book is indeed a great read! One that is not just to be placed on your book shelf; you can bless someone else's life with it by giving it to them as a gift just like I did.



  1. Brilliant review. I 'av been curious to find out abt what Ernest wrote in his book and u gave the book a well detailed review, I now look fwd to getting a copy.

    1. Dear Mikel, thank you very much.
      Like they say, you never what's in a book until you read it.

  2. Ify,

    Thanks for the review. The Job seeker creed is a fantastic book. I have a copy given to me by Ernest himself and I must say, it is a great book. My respect for him increased at every post and conversation.

    Thanks again and weldone!

    I will plead selective amnesia of a picture I saw on his wall where he was posing some ebola greetings style. I just can't remember anything again. Sigh*

    1. Hi Tomisin, thank you for taking the time to read his book and also comment on my page.

      I am LMAO @ selective amnesia of the ebola-greeting picture.