Saturday, September 6, 2014

One Year Natural!

My pompadour kinky twists
Yes peeps, 
I have been up to a lot lately.
And you all know I missed you. But first of all, welcome to the month of September. August was heavy with rain almost everyday here in Lagos that it was nothing close to being called an August Break at all. 
Well, now that the weather is humid, I decided to take advantage of it and rock my natural hair.

Oooh, did I just say September and Natural hair??? Yippee!!!! it is 1 year went natural! 1 year after I chopped off all my relaxed hair. Amazeballs! 
**dancing skelewu**
Sept 2013: The Big Chop
Even though my hair cannot be packed into a single bun yet, I am glad that the hair is so healthy, thick and full. Plus, it got to exactly where I had imagined it would be: slightly below the tip of my nose.
Jan 2014: Teeny weeny twists
Today, I will not be telling too much story. I will go straight to sharing pictures from when I did my big chop, to different protective styles I have worn, up to this very day.
Pompadour kinky twists
Feb 2014: Wigging it. Vivica Fox Wig [Braxton]
Vivica Fox Estee: with side swept bangs

My natural hair journey has been so much fun. I enjoyed every bit of it. Hope you enjoy the photos.
April 2014: Ombre braids

April 2014: At the Makeup in Nigeria Conference
May 2013: Protective styling
Another protective style: Hair extension and lace closure. 
I love this look.
Now that's some serious curl definition!
Curls let loose: my 4b/4c hair and everything in between.
July 2014: 2-strand twists making sense. 
Me and Efe.
Wash and go high bun.
August 2014: My Blonde Box braids in color #27
And so I took the braids down after 3 weeks and then this... Stretched!

Stretched my hair by threading for the very first time.
And this was the first style I created after stretching for a day. I LOVE IT! I kept getting compliments from both men and women everywhere I went.

Bun and mohawk
And after that came this. I dunno what to call this style. So I named it:
"Roll. Tuck. Pin." LOL


I hope you enjoyed them. Feel free to create your own styles. You do not necessarily have to be a natural-haired girl to achieve this.

With much love from me.


  1. Of course I will be the first to comment. Lol! Ify your styles are awesome, the curl definition is so wow, wonder when I can achieve that on my hair. Your hair journey so far is interesting. Thumbs up #teamnatural#

    1. Thank you Chinenye for being first to comment. LOOOL. #teamnatural ooo

  2. fy, my comments aint going o. Ur styles are amazing. Didn't hav d liver to do the big chop, so I am transitioning. Abeg, help a sista with advice and products that is good for natural hair. Also ur curls are beautiful, how did u achieve that? Do u use texturizer? Kindly respond abeg!!!

    1. Hey Anuli, I'm so sorry that your comments weren't going through. The transitioning process is also a great way to achieve some length. I use Cantu Curl Activator Cream for curl definition. And no, I do not use texturizers.
      Texturizers are just a milder form of relaxers.

  3. Your hair's amazing natural or relaxed. lol! Wish I could do that to my hair.

    1. Thanks sweetie. By the way, who says you can't? I have missed u plenty.

  4. Ur hair looks so good... and the styles LOVE :)

  5. Hey babes finally took the bold step ooo. It's team natural

    1. Yay! Welcome Jumoke. I hope you enjoy every bit of it as I am and embrace your true texture. Enjoy!