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Product Review: Nubian Heritage Soaps

Hello Beauties,

Recently, I have found myself having more love for bar soaps than I ever thought I would have. 
In the past, bar soaps were notorious for making me break out. And they dried out my skin badly that I literally wore eczema on every part of my face. I later learnt that it had to do with the formulation of bar soaps. Because, it didn't get better no matter how many different soaps I tried.

Things have changed now. I switched to face washes; Olay Foaming Face Wash Sensitive Skin formula, to be precise. And it paid off. I still use bar soaps though but for just my body. Not my face.

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Y’all know how much of an experimentalist I am but when it came to changing bars, I remained steadfast to my Fair and White Exfoliating Soap with AHA. But somehow, the experimentalist in me got bored stiff with the same old fragrance and craved change.
And what better way to make change than to start humbly.

Humble Beginnings!

The Nubian Heritage brand of bar soaps hit the stores in their bright and eye-catching colored packs. Truly, colors are attractive and I was attracted to these bar soaps the moment I set eyes on them but I am not one to fall for any advertising gimmicks. I had to check them out to see if they were as fabulous as they looked. As I got closer, divinely delicious fragrance oozed out of the section where they were placed, amongst bar soaps from other brands and I knew in my heart of hearts that it just had to be these new kids on the block.

New Kids on the block! Lol.
I picked up the Goat’s Milk and Chai one.
***Don’t blame me. It just had to be the Goat’s Milk first ***

And as expected, it smelled delicious. So delicious, it could make a sick person recover from his/her illness. That’s how good it smelled. I was still not fooled though. I went straight to the ingredients.
Nubian Heritage Goat's Milk and Chai Soap Ingredients:100% Vegetable Oils: Palm Oil and/or Coconut Oil, Vegetable Glycerin, Organic Shea Butter, Goat’s Milk Powder, Rose Petals, Rose Extract, Honey, Camellia Sinensis (Chai) Leaf Extract, Rose Water, Mineral Pigment or Vegetable Color, Natural Fragrance and/or Essential Oil.

Obviously interesting. I like the fact they used ingredients I could relate with. But I know that somewhere somehow lye was excluded in the list. I can guarantee you that you cannot make soap without lye (sodium hydroxide). Lye is usually added to oils and/or butters to make soap. See a soap-making process here. This process is called saponification. Remember chemistry class in SS2?

Because Lye and Oil create soap, I will break down these ingredients for all of us.

1. Oils/Butters include: Palm Oil, Coconut Oil, Vegetable Glycerin, Organic Shea Butter. All of these are melted together and placed in a bowl.
2. Lye is usually mixed with water. But in this case I am sure ONLY plain water was not used.
Plain water was mixed with Goat’s Milk Powder, Rose Extract, Chai Leaf Extract, Honey and Rose Water. Lye is then added to the mixture. This then gives us a lye solution.
3. The lye solution is then gently added to the melted oils and butter and stirred.
4. Rose petals, Coloring [Mineral pigment or vegetable color] and Fragrance [Natural Fragrance or Essential Oils] are now added and stirred.

Once the mixture is well blended and reaches trace, it is then poured in a mold to harden. Once it hardens, you get soap!
Now, I feeling as if I was there with Rich and Nyema [the makers of the Nubian Heritage brand] themselves making batches of goat’s milk soap. Loool. ** Scientist mode activated **

Rich and Nyema are the makers of the Nubian Heritage brand
But seriously, I am certain this was how these soaps were made. That they excluded lye in the ingredients is not a bad thing at all because in the world of science, you can't make bar soaps without lye anyways. So, that doesn’t bother me.

Product Listing
Nubian Heritage Goat’s Milk and Chai Soap
Nubian Heritage Raw Shea Butter Soap
Nubian Heritage Carrot and Pomegranate soap
Nubian Heritage Shea Butter Soap [with Lavender]

I just listed them in the order in which I love them. My favorite being the Goat’s Milk and Chai. Again, don't ask me why I love this best. ** tongue out **

Soon enough, the Goat's Milk was out of stock for a looong while and the Raw Shea Butter one was the next option I immediately moved on to. Oh my gosh, it smelled just as divine. Ooh-la-laah! 
I mean these guys got the fragrance right! 
Whenever my mom goes into the bathroom, she keeps asking what air freshener I used. That it smelled so unique. I just laughed. I had to withhold myself from telling her it’s my soap. If not, she will use it up before I even know what's happening.

Raw Shea Butter Soap
Again, the ingredients are all natural products and extracts and are somewhat similar. Such an amazing blend.

                   Nubian Heritage Raw Shea Butter Ingredients:
100% Vegetable Soap: Raw Butyrospermum parkii (Shea Butter), Theobroma Cacao (Cocoa) Seed Butter, Coconut Oil and/or Palm Oil, Soy Milk, Tocopherol (Vitamin E), Extracts of Frankincense and Myrrh, Vegetable Glycerin, Essential Oil Blend, and/or Mineral Pigment or Vegetable Color.

I love the Raw Shea Butter for the softness and moisture it gives my skin. This was more than a breath of fresh air from the Fair and White with AHA. I didn’t even miss it.
Sorry AHA soap. I found a new love!

The Goat’s Milk was so creamy I almost thought it wouldn’t rinse clear. I was wrong, it did.
I had to restrain myself from munching it while bathing. It lathers and cleanses well. It also softens and moisturizes skin well. In fact, I can’t tell which one moisturized better between the Goat's Milk and Raw Shea Butter. 

Nubian Heritage Carrot and Pomegranate Soap
This soap was one I bought majorly out of curiosity and to satisfy my crave for change. I have written a review on it before. It was the first to hit the store a long time ago. 
You know that beauty fad they say about Carrot and skin lightening? None of it is true. Carrot Oil has healing and anti-aging benefits. I would rather use a soap that would heal my skin than peel my all of epidermis. 

This soap smells fine but not so strong. So, if you are the type that is not keen on strong smells, I would say this one is the best for you.

Nubian Heritage Shea Butter Soap [with Lavender]

I haven’t tried the Shea Butter Soap [with Lavender] before. I would love to much later. Let me finish basking in the bathing deliciousness of these 3 first then I can consider it. It smells so much like berries though so much so that it reminds me of Ribena. Chaii!!!

All Nubian Heritage soaps area available in all CasaBella branches nationwide.

If you were given all 4 and asked to pick one, which would you pick first? Share with us and let us know why. 

*** Are you thinking what I am thinking? ***

Mega love from me,


  1. Hello Ify, is it only the soap one can get in cssabella, what about the raw shea butter lotion?

    1. If you want any of the lotions, you can get them at any HealthPlus Pharmacy. The pharmacy sells the bar soaps, body washes, lotions and shampoos.