Sunday, July 27, 2014

Grow Your front Hair

The Magic Potion

Hair growth has always been a thing of concern to every woman.

I have found out that no matter how much of the truth I tell people that humans get only an average of 6inches of hair growth per year, it does not deter them from being on the constant look out for that “magic hair potion for growth”.

There are products that help increase the hair strength and thickness, giving overall healthy hair. Some also stimulate growth by a few millimeters. But believe me, that’s all you get. A few millimeters. You can’t cheat nature on this one. 

I am here to help you with effective products that will guarantee you fuller edges provided you stop pulling furiously at them.
- For the relaxed hair sisters, this growth will be quickly evident as soon as the un-relaxed part is straightened by the action of the relaxers.
- And for the natural hair sisters, well, growth may not be easily seen, except you are doing length checks after many months. You know how curly hair loves to shrink and all.

Let's clear the air before we begin listing.
1. Hair is always growing.
2. Your hairline is always growing too.
3. If you pull your hairline too tightly, the hair there will fall off because hairlines are very fragile.
4. Styles that are guilty of being less merciful on edges are: weaving, ghana weaving and big braids, micro braids.
5. Hair line needs to be moisturized too, so get an oil moisturizer.

Now that we clear on this, let's get listing. The first on the list is:

1. Jamaican Black Castor Oil aka JBCO

What makes this different from 100% Pure Castor Oil?

The difference is in the seeds. Castor Oil is gotten from the seeds of the Castor plant. So to get the pure one, the seed is cold pressed and extracted. For the black one, the seed is first roasted, pressed and extracted. Because of the roasting the oil gotten from this process appears slightly darker from the cold pressed one. Hence, the name black but I don’t know how the Jamaica came to be though. Google is your friend.

JBCO helps with hair thickening. So it comes as no surprise that users begin to see fuller hairlines in few months. Some women even use this on their eyebrows.
Because Castor Oil is very thick so it is preferable to use on wet hair, or mixed with other oils like coconut oil, olive oil. For deeper nourishment, mix few drops with your favorite deep conditioner, cholersterol or mayonnaise.

2. Jane Carter Scalp Nourishing Serum

I never even knew this myself. This is one of the products you keep seeing and just pay no attention to it. One day I picked it up, and after going through the directions and ingredients, I am convinced that this is an effective scalp stimulating oil. 
It contains pure plant oils of grapefruit, ylangylang and several vitamins: vitamin A, D and E alongside other oils. Jane Carter tells us what to use it for: Dry, itchy, flaky scalp and for stimulating hair growth. She goes further to say apply to hairline to stimulate hair growth. 
This is even better! A double-combo magic potion. So if you are experiencing dandruff, dry and itchy scalp, this is your go-to serum. 

3. Optimum Care Amla Legend Billion Hair Potion

The product speaks for itself, literally. Billion Hair Potion.This potion Helps Promote Visibly Thicker, Fuller Hair. I particularly recommend this for falling edges caused by too tight braids and/or Ghana weaving.
What’s more? It is very lightweight and grease free, it practically sinks into the scalp and not sit on it. Pure pleasure. Just massage it in.

4. Wild Growth Oil

This is my favorite. 
This product contains 2 bottles: yellow and green bottle. I know the instructions say you should use one before the other [yellow always before green] but many customers have achieved amazing results by mixing both on their palms and using at the same time. 
The yellow bottle contains a mix of potent essential oils.
The green bottle is a light oil moisturizer.

This list is by no means exhaustive.

The rule for using all scalp stimulating products still remains the same for everybody.
Massage, massage, massage! 
Massage with the finger pads and not nails.
All hair growth oils and serums [especially the scalp stimulating ones] should be applied to the SCALP and not HAIR. It is meant for stimulating growth and hair growth only happens at the scalp.

Now that you know this, go ahead and give any one of them a try but remember not to braid your edges too tight and watch your hairline become thick and full.

All hail the magic hair potions.

Lots of love,



  1. I have used the castor oil before there was an improvement

    1. Yes. I can attest to castor. I have it my hair stash. You should try the Wild Growth oil too. It works for a head full of hair.

  2. Nice one girl. You know am so proud of you.

  3. How can i get any big sis...lost all my front hair to ghana weaving.

    1. Which of them would you prefer? If you ask me, I would recommend the Black Jamaican Castor Oil for you.

  4. Can you suggest where to buy em?

  5. I live in Gbagada, pls can u give me any addy close to casabella store cos I have not seen any around to go buy d castor oil. Thank u very much.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. You have at Ikeja City Mall(Shoprite), Shoprite Surulere. Those are the closest to u.

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  8. Pls which of the Jamaican black oil can you recommend as the best to grow my front hair because I bought mango and lime

    1. Any brand of JBCO you use is fine. To me they're all the same.

  9. Pls which of the Jamaican black oil can you recommend as the best to grow my front hair because I bought mango and lime

  10. Pls which of the Jamaican black oil can you recommend as the best to grow my front hair be costly I bought mango and lime.

    1. Any JBCO you use will help not only with thickness but with retaining moisture. If you're not convinced, just go for the pure JBCO unmixed with any other oil like lavender, argan etc.

      As for me, the more the mix, the merrier.

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  12. Hi buddies, it is great written piece entirely defined, continue the good work constantly.half up bun

  13. Replies
    1. Hi Olabisi, you can get all oils from Casabella stores close to you.

  14. Nice one, i will try them. Thanks a lot.

  15. hi my name is elizabeth all my front hair is off which of the oil should i use/and where can i get it. i work in lekki and stay in ajah

  16. hi my name is elizabeth all my front hair is off which of the oil should i use/and where can i get it. i work in lekki and stay in ajah

  17. Thank you will stop at Casabella today

  18. Hi.My name is Funke. I also have an issue with my frontal hair. It's almost all gone& it's becoming embarrassing. I bought the "sunny isle jamaican black castor oil", but I didn't see results. Pls what else can i use to guarantee effective results? Thank you

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  20. Cynthia,I live in oyo but I want one..the wild growth one .how can I get it

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    Visit online stores to check Green magic hair growth cream price in nigeria and also price of hair growth cream for beard