Monday, January 6, 2014

Beautyful Buys

Hello everyone,

Happy New Year!!! It's 2014!!!

New hopes; new dreams; new aspirations. New ways of doing things better.

It's so good to be back on here. I obviously haven't blogged in a while.
I have been very busy. Work, work and more work but hey, I made out some time today to blog about some of the beautiful products I have just recently descovered.

Yeah, I know. I am constantly of in search of dupes, cheaper yet effective alternatives to many products and of course new discoveries.

I will be featuring two different looks today: Pink and Red! The pink was the look I rocked last week and the red, well, just what I have on today!

The Pink Look: Casabella Lipstick in Flirtini

 I must say that Flirtini is my all-time favorite pink lipstick and for my friends on BBM, you may have probably seen me wearing this on 80% of my dp. I wear it almost all the time. Except for those rare times when I’m on nudes or reds.

 The LB Flirtini is super moisturizing and lustrous. It glides on so easily that the tendency to over apply it is inevitable. I personally love it because I can reduce the glossiness of the lipstick by dabbing a piece of tissue over it to absorb the oils and voila! I have my matte pink pucker.

In one of the pictures below, where I have my lips lined, I am wearing Flirtini with Casabella’s Slim Lip Pencil in Dark Plum. A really dark shade of plum that can be blended in with a lipbrush to suit any lipstick or gloss. Very versatile! I will be doing another review on this lip pencil soon.

The Red Look: Casabella Lipstick in Fireside

Before I bought my MAC Ruby Woo I wore this lipstick practically everyday. Sometimes I wear it in my sleep **covers face** I’m that vain.


It is a beautiful, beautiful matte shade of red. Nothing like the Ruby Woo because they are of different shade and consistency.

Fireside is a matte red that is just right. Not too blue. (I have reds that have so much blues in them). 
It has an orangey-brown-red tone to it that doesn’t turn dark as it wears off. In simple words, the color stays the same way over time just as when it was applied.

 Another plus to it is that it is a merciful matte lipstick. Trust me, your lips will not crack into horrible dry lines. So, if your lips are naturally dry this should be your go-to matte red lipstick!

Foundation: Mary Kay Crème-to-powder Foundation in Bronze 1

Powder: Ben Nye Luxury Powder in Banana

Eyebrows: Beauty Treat Eye Pencil in Dark Brown

Highlight: Mary Kay Crème-to-powder Foundation in Bronze 0.5

Lashes: Ardell Natural Lashes in Wispies

Hair: Vivica Fox Wig in Merle [black side fringe style]


Much love. Holidays are over!


  1. Happy New Year.Great to have you back

  2. Happy New Year.Great to have you back

    1. Happy New Year to you too, Yemisi. It's good to be back.

      I have missed you *smiles*