Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Mrs Chioma: Lovely Dose of Colors

Season's Greetings beauties, 

I trust you're having a wonderful holiday with family and loved ones because I am. Today's post is definitely about one of my loved ones: Mrs. Chioma. 

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Merry Christmas!!!

In this season of joy, love and celebrations, I wish all my readers, visitors, family, friends and well-wishers, a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year in advance.

Remember to show some more love this period and always. Don't forget to moisturize your hair, lips and skin. Enjoy the harmattan glow! 

I love you all sincerely.


Tuesday, December 23, 2014

What is Pure and Sensitive?

Hello lovelies, 

It's 2 days to Christmas. Yippee!!! I'm so excited about it. This is the season to be merry. And in my merriment, I thought it'd be nice to share this lovely post that has been brewing in my draft for weeks. 

What is pure and sensitive?  
Have you ever wondered why some products are named "For Sensitive Skin"?
And why others are labeled" For All Skin Types"? 

Are you among those that upon seeing "For Sensitive Skin" immediately drop it and say, "My skin's not sensitive." 
Or do you grab it at once and say, "I think this product will be better for me because my skin is very sensitive." 

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Jamaican Black Castor Oil Review: Find Out Which One And Why!

Hello beauties,

It’s great to be back again. Well, I have been absent for a while. Yeah, and I will let you all in on the reason soon enough.

Today, I will be sharing hair with you. Yes, hair. Y’all know I never get bored of such amazing, over-a-million beautiful strands on my head that just keeps growing daily! 

As usual, my hair care routine did not and has not changed. I recently did the longest stretch in between wash, 2 months!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Now That You've Decided To Go Natural!

Hello beauts,

I am writing this post to help many ladies out there who are planning on keeping their hair unrelaxed i.e what most of us call "natural", and don't know how to go about it.

During the course of my duty, I meet a lot of women everyday, young and old. And that decision to have the big chop is real. But it's not surprising to find that majority of them are clueless on what to do with or use on their hair, during the transition process, before or after having the big chop.

The Big Chop aka BC, by the way, is cutting off all the relaxed part, leaving only the unrelaxed portion. It can also be shaving off the entire head of hair completely and starting afresh.
Transitioning is letting the unrelaxed part grow out to any length of your choice before doing the BC. Most of the times, transitioning preceeds BC.

If you are planning to big chop, if you have already done it or you're currently transitioning and still don't know what products to use or the steps involved with taking care of your curly hair this post is just for you! Read on...

Monday, September 22, 2014

How To Maintain Your Skin Color

You have bought an expensive or not-so-expensive skin lightening set, you have also created this fantastic day and night routine for yourself, and now you can see the results: your skin has gotten one or two shades lighter! Bravo!! Really, bravo!!!

Your skin has finally reached your desired complexion, so what next???
This is the part where many of us ladies, especially from this part of the world, miss it.

While I am personally not in support of skin lightening of any kind, I am in support of protecting your skin during the day. 

The sun is powerful than the strongest skin lightener in the world.
So, if you're not careful of what you do and use, you will not only end up with your previous complexion, you may become several shades darker than you were before. 

Find out why...

Thursday, September 18, 2014

My 1st Book Review: The Job Seekers' Creed

Hello everyone,

Today, I will be reviewing the book: The Job Seekers' Creed by Emem Etuk. 
This is my first book review! In fact, this review is long overdue. 

It was given to me as a gift from one of my dearest Facebook friends despite my plea to buy it from him. You all know that one friend on whose status you always comment on but have never gotten to meet in person. Read on...

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Top 10 Questions People Ask About My Natural Hair!

I get to meet a lot of people every single day. Thanks to my job. And whenever I wear my hair natural especially wash and go's, I create a circus. It always happens.
Both men and women are amazed at it. And even other naturals too. 

Even though keeping natural hair is trending now, there a whole of ladies who don't buy the whole idea. But I don't blame them. It's their hair after all. And they can do whatever they want with it.

Below are some top 10 questions that I have being asked over and over again. At least, the ones I can remember.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Are Your Hands Too Hard for A Handshake??? Soften It Up, Really!

Hello beauties,

Welcome to a new week. Hope it has been going on greatly.

If you’re always physically active like I am, constantly having to wash, rewash and rewash your hands. Then you will know what it feels like to have soggy, wrinkly hands (at one end of the wetness) or flaky white, rough hands and nails (at the other end of dryness).

To even make matters worse, the constant use of severely drying hand sanitizers especially during this Ebola period is not helping matters.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Battling With Acne? Don't Just Sit Let It Sit There!!!

The pack [left] and actual product [right]
Hello Beauties,

It is my utmost pleasure to introduce to you my all-time favorite acne product:
***drums rolls***

Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Stress Control 3-in-1 Hydrating Acne Treatment.

I know the name is a mouthful but believe me when I say that this product packs a punch in skin exfoliation and in treating acne.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Fabulous Acne Regimen for the Oily Skin Girl!

The Clean and Clear Advantage line
Hello beauts,

How was the week? Mine was fabulous.

Fabulous seem to be the hottest word on my lips right now. Well, what can I do? The word just crept in. 

I have fabulously oily skin. And I love it.
LOL, I have embraced myself the way I am ooo. You can't really fight the oils. It's like fighting yourself. You may ask how do I know if I am a true oily-skinned girl? A girl with oily facial skin?

Saturday, September 6, 2014

One Year Natural!

My pompadour kinky twists
Yes peeps, 
I have been up to a lot lately.
And you all know I missed you. But first of all, welcome to the month of September. August was heavy with rain almost everyday here in Lagos that it was nothing close to being called an August Break at all. 
Well, now that the weather is humid, I decided to take advantage of it and rock my natural hair.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Product Review: Nubian Heritage Soaps

Hello Beauties,

Recently, I have found myself having more love for bar soaps than I ever thought I would have. 
In the past, bar soaps were notorious for making me break out. And they dried out my skin badly that I literally wore eczema on every part of my face. I later learnt that it had to do with the formulation of bar soaps. Because, it didn't get better no matter how many different soaps I tried.

Things have changed now. I switched to face washes; Olay Foaming Face Wash Sensitive Skin formula, to be precise. And it paid off. I still use bar soaps though but for just my body. Not my face.

Image from Google http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/819V3WmRy0L._SX355_.jpg
Y’all know how much of an experimentalist I am but when it came to changing bars, I remained steadfast to my Fair and White Exfoliating Soap with AHA. But somehow, the experimentalist in me got bored stiff with the same old fragrance and craved change.
And what better way to make change than to start humbly.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Grow Your front Hair

The Magic Potion

Hair growth has always been a thing of concern to every woman.

I have found out that no matter how much of the truth I tell people that humans get only an average of 6inches of hair growth per year, it does not deter them from being on the constant look out for that “magic hair potion for growth”.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Who Is This Moon-Faced Beauty?

Hi beauts,

Guess who the new face of CasaBella stores is?


It is such a motivation to see my face everyday in the store as I arrive to work.
I am so grateful to the MD of HealthPlus Pharmacy and CasaBella International Ltd, Mrs. Bukky George for turning this moon-faced beauty into a mega superstar. Lol.

Friday, July 25, 2014

The Lip Cream called SnowStorm

Spot the difference!
Hello beauties,

I got a request to write on some LB products that we stock. 
Wow, I didn't know that people read my blog so much so that they started requesting for my review. I feel so proud! Thank you all: especially for the phone calls.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Product Review: Wave Nouveau

Have you ever wondered how to achieve a Jheri Curl; well without the dripping oil, that is? 

Look no further.

The Wave Nouveau Coiffure Collection
A permanent wave (remember the word "perm", this is where it all started) is a chemical treatment that produces a curl or loose wave pattern when applied to hair. This usually involves breaking the bonds that form the hair and reforming them. 

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Clear, Healthy Skin!

My clear, glowing skin. NO makeup.

Clear, healthy and glowing skin is the dream of every woman. I know I have always wanted it more than anybody else. From my teenage days, when I started having serious breakouts up until the beginning of this year, I have always suffered bouts of breakouts. They come and go and keep coming. I have tried a lot of products. I am always willing to try new things, anything to help get rid of my acne. It didn't help my acne. Maybe, I wasn't patient enough, or probably the products were not the right ones for my skin type.

I have oily skin; with large pores and post-inflammatory hypigmentation [PIH]. The only part of my face that never gets oily are my under eye. Even my eyelids are greasy!

Thursday, June 5, 2014

H is for Henna!

I hear that many naturals spend an entire day just to wash their hair. Are you for real? Seriously, a whole day to wash hair??? That’s really ridiculous!

I hate that anyone has to be in such bondage, as I see it, to something so beautiful as hair.

You DON'T have to do everything in one day sisters!

Pre-poo, cowash, deep condition, oil treatment, protein treatment, all in one day??? That's insane. Trust me, hard working Nigerian chics are way too busy for that kind of stress. I mean why over-complicate an already complicated life.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Really Sultry Eyes

Hello beautyful people,

It has been quite a while I posted quite anything on makeup and I know it's about time. Even though I have quite a lot of photos pending to be uploaded, I guess I have been very well carried away by my new found love for hair products lately.

Constance is fair skinned with short curly hair, and her diamond-shaped face is to die for. I wouldn't say working on her was a breeze (because we got interrupted so many times by other people) but I enjoyed every bit of it.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Queen Helene Super Cholesterol

Hello everyone,
It feels super duper good to blog again.

I have satisfied a long time craving to have ombre braids as a protective style. And I was really content with my final look. Here’s what it looked like. You like?

3 weeks after I made the braids, boredom set in (as usual) and the braids started looking rough. Thanks to the rain. I got drenched one day and my stretched ends reverted back to curls and clearly stuck out from the braids.
I took my braids out and there was no telling what I’d do to my hair.

Deep condition.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Dudu Osun Black Soap: My dual-purpose love!

Hello beauts,

It's been a while I blogged about anything. Even though I have a lot of write-ups in my drafts, they still somehow take ages to enter the created post list.
All the same, I still think of you guys a lot and all that I have to share. 

I can admittedly say that I am MIA. **sigh**

These days, I seem to have more love for products that can multitask effectively. So that these will at least: 

1. Put less strain on my pocket and
2. Endear me to the product even more.[A great way to curb my product-junkiness]

Monday, January 27, 2014

Nubian Heritage

I am not a fan of changing my my bathing soap.

I have been using Fair and White Exfoliating and Brightening Soap with AHA since God knows when.

My skin is more sensitive to soaps than lotions, gels or creams. Hence, the reason I can always take an adventure on body lotions of any kind.

But you know how it is, you get bored of using one thing for so long and you want to try something different.

Fair and White Soap with AHA is such a beautiful soap. It has ground apricot seeds as its physical exfoliants. And to further enhance the exfoliating process, it also contains AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) a chemical exfoliant.

I am the queen of exfoliation! I must have said this a gazillion times. I'll gladly try anything that has exfoliating on it; whether it contains a physical or chemical exfoliant.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Product Review: Physiogel

60% of our bodies is makeup of water. From the blood to muscles to organs. Even our skin. And as such, the slightest form of dehydration can make one's skin tired and dull. I develop headaches and get cranky when I'm thirsty. Happens all the time.

Imagine what happens to the skin, the largest organ in the body, when it's dehydrated. Tightness, itchy, peeling, ashiness, discomfort to touch.

Some people naturally have dry skin but there are factors that can really make the skin dry. Factors like the weather (harmattan; winter), bathing with excessively hot water, some soaps (both bar and liquid) etc

Beautyful Buys

Hello everyone,

Happy New Year!!! It's 2014!!!

New hopes; new dreams; new aspirations. New ways of doing things better.

It's so good to be back on here. I obviously haven't blogged in a while.
I have been very busy. Work, work and more work but hey, I made out some time today to blog about some of the beautiful products I have just recently descovered.