Monday, September 2, 2013

Going Bananas: For The Love of Ben Nye Luxury Powder

Hi beauts,

Fews days ago as if waking from a trance, I woke up that early morning craving for the Ben Nye Banana Powder.

Honestly, I can not explain how this craving came to be. All I knew was that I picked up my phone right in the middle of the night, and started straight to my browser: the search for my Ben Nye Luxury Powder in Lagos had just begun.

I visited so many pages online but found out that the powder was out of stock on their online store. I wasn't about to be disappointed.

Let me give you an insight into myself. Once I desire a beauty item, no one around me would literally rest until I have it. Yeah, I know. I'm that typical. And that was how my search started and eventually led me to my very good friend's blog, Yemisi of Nsure Beauty and she herself finally directed me to Gifty's Daughter Beauty Studio on 24, Toyin Street, Ikeja, Lagos.

If you haven't noticed, this is going to be a combined post.
The first being about my trip to Gifty's Daughter
the second about how I loooove the result I got from using the Ben Nye Luxury Powder in Banana that I bought from them.

First of all, the Ben Nye Luxury Powder does not come only in the shade Banana contrary to what most people think. There are other shades like Cameo, Topaz, Buff, etc and there is the Neutral Set which is a non-pigmented translucent setting powder that can work for all skin type.

My love for the Banana shade started the moment I set my eyes on it. I mean the powder is yellow.

A yellow powder takes the cake for me any day.

I have the oiliest skin ever. The only area on my face that doesn't secrete oil is my under eye. Everywhere else is an oil zone. My cheeks, chin, nose, forehead, temples. Even my eyelid and eyebrows.

Upon application, the powder mattified my face instantly. And after like 7 hours of wearing it, I didnt need touch up. My face remained fresh!!!

Like seriously, is this for real??? Somebody freaking pinch me!!!

I have worn various mattifying foundations and powders. The most I get is 3 hours. 7 hours to me is a miracle! I think the corn and rice starch in the ingredients helps with oil absorption.

Another plus is that powder creates a silky smooth finish over foundation, reduces shine and helps set makeup. The only clause is this: if you have dry skin, use sparingly.

Here is what I looked like after using the Banana Powder. I am wearing only Mary Kay Cream to Powder Foundation in Bronze 1 and that alone. Lashes: Ardell Individual lashes in Long.

Okay, so I got my Ben Nye Banana Powder at Gifty's Daughter and I was soooo excited when I got into the store. Everything I have been looking for from my favorite foreign brands.

They stock:

Urban Decay

Yay!!! OCC! I haven't seen that in any store in Nigeria. Yet.


NYX Cosmetics


Makeup Forever HD Foundation & Powder

Fashion Fair
The Sam Fine Fashion Fair Collection

Sam Fine makeup DVDs

Gifty's Daughter makeup brushes

Zucca and other makeup boxes and lots more.

A section of the store.
If you're a makeup fanatic like me, you must know what these brand names mean. And, I ended up blogging the other way round. hehe...

So, the next time, you're looking for a difficult-to-find-in-Lagos product, check at Gifty's Daughter. You may find just what you have been searching for. You never know. *winks*

Till then.


Love. Love.



  1. Well done Ify. I particularly have been searching for makeup forever's products. I'll be sure to visit the store. Thank you and lovely pics by the way.

    1. Thank you dear. Their lovely store is well stocked.

  2. Nne the hustle for what u need eh, I should grab it from u..... I read every word on this post, twas worth reading.

    Razzle_dazzle: the talented fashion-inclined CEOs and more)

    1. Thank you Joy. I'm glad you enjoyed reading my article.

  3. Hello, tanks for dis blog. Pls wat type of ben nye setting powder do u think it will work for all type of skin, is it d banana or neutral?... Pls reply

    1. For the setting powder, I'll suggest the Ben Nye Neutral Set. It's great for setting under-eye concealer. It's finely milled.

  4. P Hello, thanks a lot for this info, av been looking for the ben nye banana powder. The only problem I have now is that I don't live in Lagos. I don't know how to get it.

  5. Replies
    1. I'm sure I got mine for N3,500. And that was at the time of this post. Price could have gone slightly higher.

  6. been looking everywhere for the banana powder. ill visit the store tomorrow. fingers crossed they have it in stock. thank you

    1. I hope you were able to get the banana powder. I will be storming Gifty's Daughter soon for mine. Gradually running out of mine.

  7. hello, i have been looking for dermablend products in nigeria and as i was searching, ur blog came up...pls i want it but i am not in can i get it...tnk u

  8. Yes loving this, as heard so much about banana powder, but pleased there are similar powders in lighter shades to help fairer skins. The powder is good quality and reasonably priced.