Wednesday, August 14, 2013

MFTV: Second Episode Shoot

Gift and Millicent discussing modalities for the day.
Okay, so day before yesterday, I was on set of MFTV's second episode shoot. 

It was Monday morning and I arrived at the location 10am, early enough. Costumes were still being sorted out and camera work hadn't begun.

I met Esther of Hadassah Makeup. She was to work once  a guest on the style.

Gift looking smashing.

Dara came much later, she had slight difficulty locating the venue. I had missed her plenty. We hugged, chatted a little and practised our lines. Talking about lines, for the first time, the both of us anchored the all-new Beauty Watch Segment on MFTV. 
Beauty Watch is a segment on Millare Fashion TV dedicated to bringing you makeup and beauty tips. It's all about the art.

 And who else to be the director of the shoot, if not the ever creative and bubbly, JJC Skillz.

Skillz as he popularly called is the producer and creator of the award-winning group, Big Brovaz. He's an internationally known artist.

He was very attentive to details, always smiling, all over the place and still calm. I don't know how he does that. But he does it well.

You know what they say? Time flies when you're having fun; especially when work is fun.

 Here are pics of some of the ladies I worked on. Enjoy people!






  1. So cute....all looking cute nd u ar looking WOW!!!

  2. hmmm, stunning looks!!!

  3. I want,I want...greatest work is ur strting point..

  4. Dear ifeey, I love Love your blog, such an amazing job you are doing. More grease to your elbow dear!