Monday, November 5, 2012

Six o' clock In The Morning

This was the time my mom jolted me up from bed, all because she wanted to look good for the wedding she would attend.

To my surprise, she was all bathed and dressed up.
"Ah, ah, even the bride can not be dressed by this time! Na you wan marry?" I asked her.

"That one is not your own headache. Abeg get up and come and make me up jooor." She quickly replied, laughing.

I got up sluggishly. May I add, I have issues waking up from sleep. And then, I grabbed my beauty box. And the rest was history...

Do enjoy these photos!

I would update soon with the products used.


  1. U r ten much jare..mummy pls kip disturbing her..welldone swthrt

  2. Awwwh Ify, love the makeup she has on ,its very age appropriate, well done.

  3. @bluemagic. I am already used to mommy's "disturbance" LOL. Thanks love.