Monday, October 15, 2012

Yay! My Nu Toy!!

Ok, so I'm done with making and keeping the memories of my works with just the flash from my BlackBerry phone.

I decided to up the notch many steps higher by getting my most-longed-for gadget: a DSLR!

For many of us who are not into the pro photography thingy, the letters DSLR are a bit too technical. hehehe

So, I'm just gonna break it down by saying I got myself a brand new Canon EOS 400D Digital camera. Yay!!!

That said, below are random photos I took while testing and understanding my camera. 

I got trained with a Nikon so handling a Canon is a slightly different ball entirely. 
All the same, it was fun and I loved what I was getting.

(smiles) Enjoy!

haircare cross-sesction

my fave fragrance

CasaBella loyalty card

This bell peppers couldn't look any cuter.


My skincare range


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