Monday, October 15, 2012


I was more than overjoyed when I heard the news that my friend, Gloria was getting married. This was one of those weddings I couldn't make any excuses for.

I just had to be there.

She is more of an elder sister to me and sharing in her joy was very natural. And since I was the one handling her makeover, I was more than overjoyed to be useful and most especially, put my Canon to use on its first official job.

BM Pro Foundation Primer
Mary Kay Medium-coverage Foundation in Bronze 507
Mary Kay Medium-coverage Foundation in Bronze 600
Iman Perfect Response oil-blotting powder in medium

Zaron eyebrow powder
BM Pro eyeshadow primer
Zaron eyeshadow plus blush duo palette
Sleek dip-it liquid eyeliner
Jordana Easyliner retractable pencil in Blue Devine [lower lash line]
Sonya eyeshadow in Fudge Brownie 140 

Zaron eyeshadow plus blush duo palette

Milani Lustrous Lipstick in Red Carpet 214

Long story short, enjoy the photos.


Yay! My Nu Toy!!

Ok, so I'm done with making and keeping the memories of my works with just the flash from my BlackBerry phone.

I decided to up the notch many steps higher by getting my most-longed-for gadget: a DSLR!

For many of us who are not into the pro photography thingy, the letters DSLR are a bit too technical. hehehe

So, I'm just gonna break it down by saying I got myself a brand new Canon EOS 400D Digital camera. Yay!!!

That said, below are random photos I took while testing and understanding my camera. 

I got trained with a Nikon so handling a Canon is a slightly different ball entirely. 
All the same, it was fun and I loved what I was getting.

(smiles) Enjoy!

haircare cross-sesction

my fave fragrance

CasaBella loyalty card

This bell peppers couldn't look any cuter.


My skincare range