Thursday, January 12, 2012

Makeup for older women

Those who know me very well at my workplace would quite agree with me that this woman, Mrs. Salami, is my favorite client. She walked into the studio on a sunny evening while we were about closing for the day. She was on her way home from work herself and just decided to have just a shot or two. I haven’t met her at all in my entire life but throughout the session she kept us happy. Simply put, she’s free-spirited.

She’s a very friendly woman, always smiling and naturally beautiful. I admired her lips the moment I saw her – small and cute. I’m sure she’s a wonderful mom. And I was right because days later, her daughter, Moyo, was at the studio. Thanks to her referral. (Moyo’s photo is just 3 blogs before this one. To view blog and photos, click here)

Let me make one thing clear, Mrs. Salami was not used to making up so it took loads convincing her and when she finally agreed to be made up she made it quite clear she didn’t want anything over the top. And I agreed. This particular shoot was on her second visit to the studio. She already came dressed and was on her way to a wedding party.

Looking at her brows, they were already sparse so all I took off were few strays!

For coverage, I used Mary Kay Medium Coverage Foundation in 607. It was her perfect match.

Headgear: Some artist tie the headgear before makeup or after the makeup. Any way that feels convenient for them.
I like to tie immediately after coverage.
This is because tying after the entire makeup can prove to be difficult as you run the risk of smearing the makeup you have spent ample time applying.

And ever so lightly, I filled in just the sparse areas of her brows. I primed her lids and used the purple shade in the Sleek i-Divine Original palette for her eyelid. It matches her attire. And then I applied two shades from my favorite Sleek i-Divine Storm palette. Both shades are matte.

One is like light peach and the other is like chocolate brown as Sleek didn’t name each pots individually.

I used the light peach for the highlighting of her brows and the darker shade for her crease. I then applied the dark violet from Tara’s Ovialeke eyeshadow tricycle just to the outer corner of the crease to create more depth to her eyes. 
And then I blended properly.

For her lips, I didn’t bother lining them. I just applied Sleek’s Lip Shine Fruit gloss. I really can’t remember the name now. But it's kind of a light pink color with glitters in them. And then I finished off by brushing powder on her face to set the coverage. I used Mary Kay Powder in Bronze 1.

May I add in conclusion, she looks elegant, her gele is fab and yet nothing was overdone. That perfect look for such a wonderful occasion.

Do feel free to ask questions. Thank you.
Lots of love.

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