Saturday, January 7, 2012

Edna's Nude Look

To start with, Edna is a very good friend of mine and so the chemistry between us was already explosive. Lots of chit chat and catching up. She wanted a look she could wear comfortably even when she's out of studio. One that would not get the whole street of Lagos wondering what circus she was coming from.

And I respect my clients' request at all times. And advice only when absolutely necessary.

And so we started. She had already wiped her face clean (a gesture that made me realize how much she wanted to be made up). I smiled.

I used Sleek's creme-to-powder for coverage. Didn't quite pick the name of the shade but I'll update this post as soon as I do that.

She had no dark circles so I skipped the concealer altogether. I primed her lids and then used the brown shadow on Sleek's i-Divine Original palette on it.


Notice the gentle contouring of her crease and how it blends well into her brow highlight. I decided to go a bit more dramatic with the eyeliner and she loved her cat woman eyes. I used Sleek's Kohl Eyeliner pencil to define both upper lid and waterline.

And for the lips, I used Milani Lip Color in Glamorous and finished off with Sleek's Fruit Shine. A little powder was dusted all over her face and chin, using a large powder brush, to blend and set her makeup. And voila! She was camera ready!

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