Friday, January 27, 2012

Been working on our flyers and making loads of plans for an upcoming Business Exhibition coming very soon. (Would let you know how that turns out in due course). 

Anyways, this is what our flyer looks like.

Cynthetic Makeovers flyer

I thought it would be nice to share it with you. Hope you like them. :)


Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Purple Princess

The Purple Princess

Ella is my childhood friend. And amongst all my friends, she’s the only one I have never really worked on. So, this is the first time we would be doing this. It was way overdue.

We went on with our chit chat and from there straight into the makeup.
To create this look, I used:
Coverage:            Mary Kay Medium Coverage in 500
                             Mary Kay Loose Powder in Beige 1

Brows:                  Zaron eyebrow powder

Shadows used:     Milani Eyeshadow Quad in 07 Wild Violet (the entire palette)
Tara Orelekewa (the blue and deep purple)
Elf Brightening Eye Color Quad in Brownstone

Eye:                      Sleek Twistup Eyeliner Pencil in Black
                            Sleek Voluminizing Mascara in Black

Lips:                      Jordana Lipstick in Matte Tangerine Tango. (My fave)

 She looks amazing. True.

I have so many works I haven't posted because of time but I'll be sure to keep you updated with current ones. Thank you.

Loads of love. xoxo

Sam Fine: The Basics of Beauty Makeover One

This is a very lovely video on brow tutorials  It's short but precise. Enjoy!

Eyes that speak!

I decided to create a beautiful tiled image using images of various eyeshadow looks I have created in the past and this was what I came up with. Isn't this just beautiful? :)

Eyes that speak volumes

Makeup for older women

Those who know me very well at my workplace would quite agree with me that this woman, Mrs. Salami, is my favorite client. She walked into the studio on a sunny evening while we were about closing for the day. She was on her way home from work herself and just decided to have just a shot or two. I haven’t met her at all in my entire life but throughout the session she kept us happy. Simply put, she’s free-spirited.

She’s a very friendly woman, always smiling and naturally beautiful. I admired her lips the moment I saw her – small and cute. I’m sure she’s a wonderful mom. And I was right because days later, her daughter, Moyo, was at the studio. Thanks to her referral. (Moyo’s photo is just 3 blogs before this one. To view blog and photos, click here)

Let me make one thing clear, Mrs. Salami was not used to making up so it took loads convincing her and when she finally agreed to be made up she made it quite clear she didn’t want anything over the top. And I agreed. This particular shoot was on her second visit to the studio. She already came dressed and was on her way to a wedding party.

Looking at her brows, they were already sparse so all I took off were few strays!

For coverage, I used Mary Kay Medium Coverage Foundation in 607. It was her perfect match.

Headgear: Some artist tie the headgear before makeup or after the makeup. Any way that feels convenient for them.
I like to tie immediately after coverage.
This is because tying after the entire makeup can prove to be difficult as you run the risk of smearing the makeup you have spent ample time applying.

And ever so lightly, I filled in just the sparse areas of her brows. I primed her lids and used the purple shade in the Sleek i-Divine Original palette for her eyelid. It matches her attire. And then I applied two shades from my favorite Sleek i-Divine Storm palette. Both shades are matte.

One is like light peach and the other is like chocolate brown as Sleek didn’t name each pots individually.

I used the light peach for the highlighting of her brows and the darker shade for her crease. I then applied the dark violet from Tara’s Ovialeke eyeshadow tricycle just to the outer corner of the crease to create more depth to her eyes. 
And then I blended properly.

For her lips, I didn’t bother lining them. I just applied Sleek’s Lip Shine Fruit gloss. I really can’t remember the name now. But it's kind of a light pink color with glitters in them. And then I finished off by brushing powder on her face to set the coverage. I used Mary Kay Powder in Bronze 1.

May I add in conclusion, she looks elegant, her gele is fab and yet nothing was overdone. That perfect look for such a wonderful occasion.

Do feel free to ask questions. Thank you.
Lots of love.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Mom turned Model

Mom turned Model
Mom turned Model
 Today’s look was actually inspired by boredom and my brother. Funny isn’t it?. Thanks to the ongoing strike action.

So he summoned mom up. It took many minutes later before he could finally get her to sit still. And she kept complaining about was how she didn’t want to see a tweezer. “Alright, we’ve heard.” I told her.

So, I went straight to defining her brows with a razor blade, brow brush and small scissors.

I started by moisturizing her ever-so-dry skin with a moisturizer and a tiny bit of foundation mixed together at the back of my hand. That warmed up her skin. And then, the coverage.

I filled her eyebrows using Zaron brow pencil and then the shadow.

For eyeshadow I used: 
  • Black Opal in Olympic Gold (eyelid)
  • Elf Brightening Eye Color Quad in Brownstone (for highlight and midtone) (All matte colors) 
  • Sonya in Fudge Brownie (outer crease) for more depth. 
  • Milani Eyeshadow Quad in 07 Wild Violet (I used the deepest shad on the quad in the crease)

 When working with older skin it is advisable to stick to matte colors. If you must use colors with shimmers keep them minimal and very close to the eyelid only. Any shimmer above the eyelid for older skin is just disaster.

I used Sleek twistup eyeliner pencil in black for both upper and lower lash line. And then Sleek voluminizing mascara.

Lips: I used Tara lip liner pencil in Wine to line her outer lips. Filled it in with Milani Lipstick in Delicious. Make sure you blend them both nicely. And then I finished off with the lips using Mary Kay lipgloss in Pink Diamonds.

 Even before straightening mom’s hair, honestly, she couldn’t believe the transformation plus she could see all my many improvements. And then, her costume and obviously pictures!
She loved all the pictures, she loved the way she looked, my brother and I now had to beg to wash the makeup off of her face before going to bed. Now, that’s funny.

And that’s it! Hope you loved and enjoyed it. Do feel free to share this page and/or ask me any questions. Thank you for reading.

Lots of love. 

Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Blue Rage!!!

Hello everyone,

Today's look is a bit edgy, bold and still very much wearable.

I decided to call it the Blue Rage! It was inspired by the big, bold and bright blue paisley prints on my client's dress. i just loved it as soon as she walked in.

  •   I started by shaping her brows, which already had an arch to it but loads of overgrowth.
  • Then I wiped her face clean. She already had a face moisturizer so I just used that on her. Her skin is extremely dry and as such, a creme foundation is best here.
  • I used Sleek's Foundation Palette in Deep Sable and Coffee Bean, blending both shades together. I used more of the Deep Sable.
  • Then, I filled in her brows with a brow pencil and primed her entire eyelid. 
  • Shadows used on the lid: the light peach and bright blue on Sleek's Original i-Divine palette.
  • Brow highlight: light matte color on Sleek's Storm i-Divine palette
  • Eyeliner: Sleek Kohl pencil in Black
  • Waterline: Jordana waterproof eyeliner in Acid Blue.
  • Lips: Milani Lip Color in Luscious and Sleek Pout Polish.
  • Blush: Sleek Blush in Scandalous.


After the makeup was done, I styled her hair. Notice the highlight and contour on her nose. And with her clothing accesories, I created 2 unique looks: one is Girly while the other is Arabian. Enjoy!

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Thank you.

Edna's Nude Look

To start with, Edna is a very good friend of mine and so the chemistry between us was already explosive. Lots of chit chat and catching up. She wanted a look she could wear comfortably even when she's out of studio. One that would not get the whole street of Lagos wondering what circus she was coming from.

And I respect my clients' request at all times. And advice only when absolutely necessary.

And so we started. She had already wiped her face clean (a gesture that made me realize how much she wanted to be made up). I smiled.

I used Sleek's creme-to-powder for coverage. Didn't quite pick the name of the shade but I'll update this post as soon as I do that.

She had no dark circles so I skipped the concealer altogether. I primed her lids and then used the brown shadow on Sleek's i-Divine Original palette on it.


Notice the gentle contouring of her crease and how it blends well into her brow highlight. I decided to go a bit more dramatic with the eyeliner and she loved her cat woman eyes. I used Sleek's Kohl Eyeliner pencil to define both upper lid and waterline.

And for the lips, I used Milani Lip Color in Glamorous and finished off with Sleek's Fruit Shine. A little powder was dusted all over her face and chin, using a large powder brush, to blend and set her makeup. And voila! She was camera ready!

Loving this look? Be sure to let us know. If you don't understand anything, ask us questions.

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Thank you for reading.

Friday, January 6, 2012

2012: A New Year

Hello peeps! 
It's been such a long time. And before i say anythong else, let me welcome you all into the New Year. 
Welcome to 2012!!! 

Going back to our previous posts on this blog, I must say that we have grown a lot. Loads of improvements, high quality in our pictures and most importantly, more creativity in our work. Everyone that own a blog can agree with me that it is not easy to keep up with the updates. 
Notwithstanding, if you want to join in the conversation, keep up with our lovely and adorable pictures that inspire you to create your own look, 

Follow us on Twitter on @IfyCynthetic
on Facebook: Cynthetic Makeovers 
or you can visit our brand new website: 

And you will not be left out. Speaking of which, the pics on this post is our very first work for 2012. This was done on Jan 3, 2010. 

Client name: Moyo 

Moyo has such a beautiful and flawless skin. The foundation just sat comfortably on her face. She normally isn't used to making up at all but for the sake of this photo shoot, she had no choice but to wear makeup. You're guess is as good as mine. She loved her look and her brows especially.