Friday, November 9, 2012

The Venus Skin Care Range

The Venus PerfectTone SkinCare range

When I say I have tried all sorts of products on my skin, trust me, I know what I'm talking about.

My mom still wonders how I managed to survive all the many products. Truth is, I get bored easily coupled with the fact that I always expect these products to work like a miracle. So you can see, it may not be that the many products I have thrown off my table were not good or worth it, it may just be that  I got bored, literally.

This one has managed to stand the test of time. 8 months and still counting. That on itself is unbelievable to those who know me well. With much ado, now introducing my Skin Care range:  Venus PerfectTone.

Venus Daily Face Scrub

The Scrub: It is a 3 in 1.
- opens pores,
- lifts up dirt
- exfoliates the skin

I am the queen of exfoliation literally, so scrubs are my specialty.

Pro: It contains pumice which aids in exfoliation. It is mild enough to use everyday if you want.
Con: it is creamy. I really do not like creamy scrubs because of the oily nature of my face.

Gentle Toning Body Lotion

This Body Lotion is one word; divine!
First, it meets my expectation of being fluid and milky. My perfect lotion consistency.

Second, it has some sort of Sun Block in it, which works for short level of sun exposure.
And then, it has tiny gold glitters in it. That alone takes the cake for me. Your skin will literally glimmer; in or outdoor.

If PZ Cussons ever reduce or increase the quantity of gold glitters in this lotion, I am so not buying it anymore. Lmao!

It also had mild skin brightening properties. Thanks to it the soy oil in it.
I'm on my 6th bottle, I think.

Venus Gentle Toning Face Cream

The Face Cream is just gorgeous. This was my first encounter with this range.

I saved the best for last.

With Sun Block and mild brightening properties, this lightly scented cream worked wonders for my oily skin.

It's more than just a moisturizer! Do try it out.



Monday, November 5, 2012

Six o' clock In The Morning

This was the time my mom jolted me up from bed, all because she wanted to look good for the wedding she would attend.

To my surprise, she was all bathed and dressed up.
"Ah, ah, even the bride can not be dressed by this time! Na you wan marry?" I asked her.

"That one is not your own headache. Abeg get up and come and make me up jooor." She quickly replied, laughing.

I got up sluggishly. May I add, I have issues waking up from sleep. And then, I grabbed my beauty box. And the rest was history...

Do enjoy these photos!

I would update soon with the products used.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Mrs. Ifeoma Nwokeji


She called me personally saying that she had no other person in mind except me for her wedding makeover.

Ifeoma Nwokeji nee Nwafor was my Secondary School mate and we are still friends up till this very moment. [She used to bully a lot in school back then. I know she would kill me for this. hehe]

But in all, she is a warm-hearted woman. I have gotten a handful of referrals from her personally and also by photos of the work I did on her.

Without much ado, here she is.

I must add, the photography is by Derek [08060047236]. A handsome young man that knows his job well and delivers. I was impressed by the output of his works.

Calista's Engagement Look

I created this look for an engagement wedding while training my student. 

I thought it'd be nice to share it with you guys. Enjoy.

As usual, no photo-shopping. No editing.



Mary Kay Liquid Foundation in Bronze 607
IMAN Perfect response Oil-blotting powder in Medium

BM Pro Eyeshadow Base
Ardell Brow Powder in Dark Brown
Ardell Brow Definer in Soft Taupe
Milani Eyeshadow Quad in Golden Era
Coastal Scents 88 Original Eyeshadow Palette [Contour color]
Sleek Dip-it Liquid Eyeliner
Zaron Eye pencil in Black Velvet [lower lash line]

Fashion Fair Lipstick in Velour Violet

Milani Lip Flash in 07 In A Flash [Center of the lips]

Monday, October 15, 2012


I was more than overjoyed when I heard the news that my friend, Gloria was getting married. This was one of those weddings I couldn't make any excuses for.

I just had to be there.

She is more of an elder sister to me and sharing in her joy was very natural. And since I was the one handling her makeover, I was more than overjoyed to be useful and most especially, put my Canon to use on its first official job.

BM Pro Foundation Primer
Mary Kay Medium-coverage Foundation in Bronze 507
Mary Kay Medium-coverage Foundation in Bronze 600
Iman Perfect Response oil-blotting powder in medium

Zaron eyebrow powder
BM Pro eyeshadow primer
Zaron eyeshadow plus blush duo palette
Sleek dip-it liquid eyeliner
Jordana Easyliner retractable pencil in Blue Devine [lower lash line]
Sonya eyeshadow in Fudge Brownie 140 

Zaron eyeshadow plus blush duo palette

Milani Lustrous Lipstick in Red Carpet 214

Long story short, enjoy the photos.


Yay! My Nu Toy!!

Ok, so I'm done with making and keeping the memories of my works with just the flash from my BlackBerry phone.

I decided to up the notch many steps higher by getting my most-longed-for gadget: a DSLR!

For many of us who are not into the pro photography thingy, the letters DSLR are a bit too technical. hehehe

So, I'm just gonna break it down by saying I got myself a brand new Canon EOS 400D Digital camera. Yay!!!

That said, below are random photos I took while testing and understanding my camera. 

I got trained with a Nikon so handling a Canon is a slightly different ball entirely. 
All the same, it was fun and I loved what I was getting.

(smiles) Enjoy!

haircare cross-sesction

my fave fragrance

CasaBella loyalty card

This bell peppers couldn't look any cuter.


My skincare range


Saturday, April 14, 2012

Mrs Funmi Ola: A White Wedding Look

Here, I demonstrated how a white wedding makeup could look like on her. As the fast-learning student that she was, she quickly picked up all the tricks and techniques I demonstrated. Enjoy a number of photographs of Mrs. Funmi Ola, taken by me.

Mary Kay Medium-Coverage Foundation in Bronze 600
Mary Kay Medium-Coverage Foundation in Bronze 607
Sleek Superior Cover Powder in Bronze 105

Zaron Eyebrow pencil
Mary Kay Eyeshadow Primer
Sleek i-Divine Eyeshadow Palette in Sunset (eyelid)
Tara Orekelewa tricycle Eyeshadow in Ovialeke (crease colour)
Sleek liquid eyeliner in Black
Sleek Volumizing mascara in Black
Sleek Kohl Pencil in Black (waterline)

Milani Lustrous Lipstick in Cashmere
Lip Liner (I have actually forgotten what I used) *smiles*

Thursday, April 12, 2012



Makeup: Cynthetic Makeovers
Headgear: Cynthetic Makeovers
Photography: IfyCynthetic

Mrs. Ola is an ex-student of mine, one whom I adore so much.  She currently owns Exquisite Embellishments, where she makes wonderful head pieces for all occasion, hand fans and the likes. I demonstrated a glamorous makeup look for a traditional wedding on her. And this what she looked like. Omg! Isn’t she just gorgeous? 


To achieve this look, I used:

Mary Kay Medium-Coverage Foundation in Bronze 607
Sleek Superior Cover Pressed Powder in Biscuit 468 (Highlight)
Sleek Superior Cover Pressed Powder in Bronze 105

Zaron Brow-Defining Powder
Mary Kay Eyeshadow Primer
Sleek i-Divine Original Eyeshadow palette
Sleek i-Divine Storm Eyeshadow palette
Tara Orekelewa Eyeshadow Tricycle in Ovialeke
e.l.f Eyelashes

Sleek Pout Paint in Rosette

Monday, February 13, 2012

Gold Winged Eyes & Pink Lips!

Elizabeth and I knew ourselves during our university days and we live close to each other too. 

She was present at the exhibition and all she kept requesting for was a makeover. The first ever from me. I was glad she was ready to sit still for the first time because she rarely ever does and she knows this.

She wanted a very loud and colorful look but I advised her to go for something a little soft with just a little edge to it. May I add that she’s a sucker for bold colors and is not afraid to wear them. That said, she finally agreed to  my “soft” look only if I will be doing pink lips for her and I agreed.


To create Elizabeth’s look:

Mary Kay Medium Coverage Foundation in 600
Mary Kay Medium Coverage Foundation in 607

Zaron Eyeshadow and Blush Duo.

image from

 The gold I used is at the bottom left just above the applicator tip. Both Zaron eyeshadows are the same. Just different lightings.

- Zaron Eyeshadow and Blush Duo palette in Show Stopper (Gold) 
- Tara Orelekewa 3 color Eyeshadow in Osenken (purple)
- Elf Matte Eyeshadow Quad in Brownstone
- Zaron Brow Pencil
- Sleek Liquid Eyeliner in Black
- Sleek Twistup Eye pencil in Black

- Foundation Primer (couldn’t find the product name)
- Zaron Concealer & Foundation in One PZ03 NZ15
- Mary Kay Loose Powder in Bronze 2
- Wet & Wild Silk Finish Blush in Coral Reef

- Tara lip pencil in Wine
- Milani Lip Color in Delicious 209

The Exhibition.

On February 12th, 2012, we arrived at the venue few minutes before the scheduled time and began setting up our stand. And we were done with this in very little time. By the time we arrived, music was already blasting and everyone was pretty much excited. The whole place was geared up. Some set up their stand, the rest did few re-arrangement while we all awaited our very dear customers to start trooping in.
A cross section

In another few hours, the  place was packed out, and buying and selling became the order of the day.
For us at Cynthetic Makeovers, it was needed exposure and the exhibition itself was a success to us. Many of our friends and fans trooped in and patronized us, lots of flyers and call cards were distributed and contacts were made.

Foluso leading Elizabeth to the venue

We sold majorly Sleek Makeup & Zaron products ranging from mineral & baked eyeshadows, Kohl eyeliners, lip glosses, liquid lipsticks, mascara etc . It was our first ever exhibition and as such, no stones were left unturned to make the best first impression to our clients. And we did!

Our Stand

In all, we had fun while we marketed ourselves and there was enough to eat and drink for every guest that arrived.

We just want to say, thank you to our dear friends, fans, clients. And this is in no particular order.

Emmanuella Somawine
Elizabeth Onwodi
Raphael Tochukwu
Agate & U Concepts
Ayodeji Adeyemi A
Janet K Photogaphy|D├ęcor|Rentals
Mrs. Momodu
Juwata BeautyHouse
Mrs. Loretta Imoh
Oyeronke Akinbami
Vivian Asuelinmen
Chidinma Ada
Foluso Clothiers
Mrs. Joy Tebu
And many others who supported and encouraged us in many different ways. You made us what we are today and we are so grateful. 

I would also love to thank specially, Uwa, the organizer and brain behind this entire expo. You’re such a strong woman and you inspire me a lot. We hope to do this again very soon.

Just watch out! Keep your fingers crossed. *winks* For now, enjoy shots from the exhibition. 

Lots of love.