Thursday, December 9, 2010

Fixing Rhinestones


Rhinestones add to the beauty of the face when properly fixed. They are available in various colors, shapes and sizes. You can easily switch any subtle look to a bold one by incorporating them into the look. You can apply rhinestones anywhere on the face. Nonetheless, best areas are the inner and outer corner of the eyes, above the brows, lips, chin.
When applying rhinestones, it’s always best to work with the natural contour of the face rather than jut placing them anywhere. Applying rhinestones may look tricky but really, it’s a breeze once you’ve mastered it.

In this particular topic, I’ll be demonstrating one of the million ways of placing the stones on the face in a step-by-step photo demonstration.

What you need:
Rhinestones [in different colors, sizes and shapes]
A toothpick
Eyelash glue/Body glue
A pair of tweezers
Black eyeliner pencil

How to:

Step 1: Apply your makeup first
Step 1: Make sure you have finished applying your makeup before placing the stones. You don’t want to disturb the stones after placing them and run the risk of them falling off. [My makeup is very light and simple just for the purpose of this tutorial].

Step 2: Use the black eyeliner pencil to make a tiny dot at the exact spot where you want to place the stones. Do this one step at a time to avoid any mess and make sure the dot is as tiny as possible. [This step was skipped].

Step 3: Break off the pointed edge of one side of the toothpick to make it flat-ended. Use the flat-ended part to touch the glue and place it on a dot you made. [Tip: the toothpick is my pro tip. It actually helps control the amount of glue you apply]. Skip this step if your glue has an applicator.

Step 4
Step 4: Place your first line of stones. Notice I used gold rhinestones for the first row.

Step 5
Step 5: Make another row after the first ones, following the line. I used green for the next row. Notice how the stones are curved and are reducing in number by one.

Step 6
Step 6: Next row is blue and number of stones reduced to two.

Step 7: I started with 4 gold stones, now for the fourth row, I placed one red rhinestone. And at the center of the curve created by the gold stones, I placed a pink stone, a bit larger in size and of a different shape.

Repeat the dotting and gluing process with every step until, you are satisfied with what you have done. [My pro tip? Use the other end of the tweezers to press the stones down onto the skin to fix them securely in place.]


And that’s it! Now you can give it a try and even repeat the same on the other eye.
Fixing rhinestones is all about creativity and you can fix them just about anywhere on the face.

Tips and Advice:
- Use clear body glue and use sparingly. Less is more.
- Do not attempt to use Super glue on the body.

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