Sunday, March 21, 2010

Yours Truly...

I love the day I did this makeup because I was so at ease with myself. Her skin was not altogether perfect but as an artist, you have to do make do with what you have. It's all about making perfect all imperfections.

How to:
* Wipe the face clean with gentle strokes. Don't pull on the skin too hard.

* Apply a primer to the face as a base for the foundation.

* Then, apply the foundation with a wedge or a brush depending on the type of foundation you're using.

* Apply the powder by patting it into the face with the wedge.

* Fill in the eyebrows. Here, precision, neatness and concentration is of the essence.

* Apply your eyeshadows. Blend them well. Smudge a dark eyeshadow on the lower eye lid.

* Apply eyeliners and mascara .

* Line your lips and apply lip gloss.

* Finally, dust powder all over the face area to keep the face neat. And you're juust good to go. It's that simple.

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