Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My Lips Always Tells A Story.

When applying makeup products on the face, keep in mind the word contrast. Everything you do must compliment each other.

Taking a look at this picture here, it's so easy to observe that there's so much drama going on on the lips. And because of that, the makeup artist kept it low on the eye. Except, of course, there's a particular story the artist is trying to depict.

I'd like to stress the word 'particular story.' There's always a story, something to tell behind every work a makeup artist has done. Just as it is for an artist painting a picture.


  1. as a make up artist of ur own interpretasion av seen professionals who go heavy on both sides,it depends on wat u want to acheive baby.i got a job of 6 gels dis morning guess how much dey wanna pay 10k for all.can u imagine

  2. Girl, that's good. Am very proud of u. Good to know we are making progress.

    Yes o! It depends on your interpretation and whats happening. I personally dont like going heavy on both sides: that's on eye and lips but if must, I would.

    also bear in mind i was talking about everyday makeup. Thanks for ur contribution. You're wonderful.