Saturday, March 13, 2010

MakeUp Products

Every woman on the face of the earth loves and cares for her face and is concerned about the way she looks.

For that classic look, it is advisable to keep it simple and natural (natural does not mean going sans makeup. It means wearing light makeup). You don't need to wear your make up heavy 24 hours everyday. This can block the pores and cause breakouts. It also deprives the facial pores of air.

For a classic daily make up, all that is needed are:
- Loose Powder (skip the foundation if you can)

- Eye pencil: to give the eyebrows full definition. Please ensure brow pencils compliment with your hair colour. (Avoid black or red eye pencils. It's simple. They make the wearer look horrible.)

- Eye liner/kohl (for the upper and lower eyelids)

- Eyeshadows: stick to powder eyeshadows for a daily look. And if you must use shimmered shadows cool them down with the powdered ones. Eyeshadows with too much shimmers can create a tired look after a while. Also, ensure you use light colours)

- Mascara: voluminizing, thickening, lengthening, defining. Which ever name different brands give them' just make sure they are never be missing in your makeup bag. They make eyelashes not just darker but also longer and full.

- Lip liner/pencils: use them to outline your lips. They must be in the same shade of the lipstick you intend to use. (Make sure the line created is not too thick and blend the line well with the lipgloss. No one wants to see your lined lips standing out. Avoid using black on the lips except it's for fashion or runway)

- Lip gloss/balm/stick: a girl's best friend. Need I say more?

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