Saturday, March 13, 2010

Larger than life.

That beautiful model you see walking down the runway didn't just pop out the cover of a magazine. Even though she looks like she did.

She's been through it all; tweezed, caked, powdered, sprayed! You name it.

You too can achieve that runway look (but please bear in mind, it's not an everyday look. So you don't want to walk down the street looking like a joker).

This look you can wear when going for a costume party or a photography shoot.

How to: After the foundation and powder, fill in sparse areas in your eyebrows using a sharp-pointed eyebrow pencil. Next, the shadows. Here you can mix various colours to get different looks but make sure you blend them properly.

Note: notice how much attention has been drawn to this lady's eyes with shadows and makeup stones. When going heavy on the eye, a rule of thumb is to keep the lips nude and vice versa.

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