Monday, March 15, 2010

It's all about the brushes...

Makeup Brushes

Whether its foundation, eye shadow, lip or cheek color, there's a brush for every kind of makeup.

Learn about makeup brushes, how to use them and which ones to have in your makeup bag.rush sets come in lots of different forms, shapes and sizes but there’re a few things that you should always look for.

A good brush will have smooth and soft hair fibers that can be either natural...

* Squirrel
* Goat
* Sable
* Horse

...or synthetic. (Always test the natural fiber brushes to make sure you’re not allergic!) There’ll be little to no hair shedding and they’ll feel sturdy when you them in your hand.
There are tons of brushes available but there are certain ones you really need to have in your makeup case.

For Face

* Foundation Brush
* Concealer Brush
* Powder Brush
* Blush Brush

For Eyes

* Eyebrow Brush
* Eye Shadow Brush
* Small Angled Brush (for liners)
* Blending Brush
* Small Concealer Brush (for under eyes)
* Crease Brush

For Lips

* Lip Brush (use for lipstick and gloss)

If you want your brushes to last longer and keep their shape get a case to store them in as well. Plus, it’s just easier to find them if you have them all neatly stored in one place! Now you’re all set to get yourself a great set of professional brushes.

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