Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I got it right this time. Right? Wrong!

I always love giving myself different looks. I think that is what makes me as a woman, so special and different from a man.

Believe it when I say it took me a lot of courage to upload this picture. Not that I look like a monster or anything of the sort. But as a professional makeup artist I can easily say that this makeup is just not right.

This was some years back when my skills were still crude. Do I look good? Naturally, yes. Does the make me look better? Obviously, no. It easy to tell why. It's so obvious that there's way too much blush on the cheeks. And to think I applied it with my fingers.

The lips? Ah! Just crazy!
When using lip liners, PLEASE, always choose colours that closely match your lipstick. Here, I'm wearing a sharp pink lip pencil and both my lipstick and lip gloss were nowhere near pink. Besides that, the liner is screaming and shouting for attention!

Caution: when applying lipstick or gloss, make sure you blend them properly with the lip lines. That's also advisable to use lip brushes in applying lipstick.
Lip brushes help control how much product you apply so chances of overdoing your lips with too much product is slim.

Try this! Use a lip brush instead of applying directly from the container and look out for white saliva lines that forms later on. Truth is, they won't form. Another good reason to use a lip brush.

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