Sunday, March 21, 2010

High Brows!

How neat and defined your eyebrows are will determine how well your makeup will turn out.
No one wants to know if you put all the beautiful colors of shadows in the world or blended them perfectly if the eyebrows are shaggy, untamed or all over the place.

This goes to say that an untidy eyebrows can ruin a perfectly done makeup. That's why a good makeup artist must ensure that the eyebrows are neat, well trimmed and defined with a natural arch. Because when you look at a woman's face, the first thing to be noticed are the brows.

Now, to have well-shaped brows is quite easy but requires proper attention to details i.e. precision and concentration .

Tools needed: tweezers, razor blade, brow brush , eye pencil

1. Starting point. To get the head of the brow, place an eye pencil vertically from the inner corner of the eye. The pencil should lie straight from the outer edge of the nose to the inner corner of the eye up to the brow. And wherever it rests on the brow is where a brow should normally begin.

2. Tweezing. Brush the eyebrows upwards, first. Pulling gently with a tweezer in the natural growth of the hair, pluck off unwanted or stray hairs, one hair at a time. Repeat the same on the other side and check from time to time to make sure the brows are exactly the same shape.

* Do not attempt to pull more than a hair at a time.
* It is best to tweeze just after you have a bath because the skin would be soft.
* Always tweeze a day before an event since it can cause swelling or redness.

3. Shape them up. Use a new razor to give the eyebrows neat, tapered edges. Brush brows up and slice off any hair standing out of the line. This can also be done with a small scissors.
* Since you have plucked the strays, be careful not to overdo it with the razor or you might take off just too much.

4. Fill in the gaps. Fill in sparse areas in the brows with an eyebrow pencil using light and gentle strokes. I'd like to stress that the pencil be used lightly or the brows become too dark, painted and so unnatural.
* Don't carve an arch too high lest the person wears a 'surprised look'.

5. Apply a brow shadow with an angled brush all over the eyebrow to fill it in thoroughly. Brush off excess shadow with the brow brush.

6. Set the brows with a brow gel to keep everything in place and you are ready to go!

Smokey Eyes

This is a typical example of a daily look. If you this look, and would love to have it, call me on 08022079252 or 08066637144
If you can do it for yourself, you can do it for anyone else. Start with yourself first!

Yours Truly...

I love the day I did this makeup because I was so at ease with myself. Her skin was not altogether perfect but as an artist, you have to do make do with what you have. It's all about making perfect all imperfections.

How to:
* Wipe the face clean with gentle strokes. Don't pull on the skin too hard.

* Apply a primer to the face as a base for the foundation.

* Then, apply the foundation with a wedge or a brush depending on the type of foundation you're using.

* Apply the powder by patting it into the face with the wedge.

* Fill in the eyebrows. Here, precision, neatness and concentration is of the essence.

* Apply your eyeshadows. Blend them well. Smudge a dark eyeshadow on the lower eye lid.

* Apply eyeliners and mascara .

* Line your lips and apply lip gloss.

* Finally, dust powder all over the face area to keep the face neat. And you're juust good to go. It's that simple.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I got it right this time. Right? Wrong!

I always love giving myself different looks. I think that is what makes me as a woman, so special and different from a man.

Believe it when I say it took me a lot of courage to upload this picture. Not that I look like a monster or anything of the sort. But as a professional makeup artist I can easily say that this makeup is just not right.

This was some years back when my skills were still crude. Do I look good? Naturally, yes. Does the make me look better? Obviously, no. It easy to tell why. It's so obvious that there's way too much blush on the cheeks. And to think I applied it with my fingers.

The lips? Ah! Just crazy!
When using lip liners, PLEASE, always choose colours that closely match your lipstick. Here, I'm wearing a sharp pink lip pencil and both my lipstick and lip gloss were nowhere near pink. Besides that, the liner is screaming and shouting for attention!

Caution: when applying lipstick or gloss, make sure you blend them properly with the lip lines. That's also advisable to use lip brushes in applying lipstick.
Lip brushes help control how much product you apply so chances of overdoing your lips with too much product is slim.

Try this! Use a lip brush instead of applying directly from the container and look out for white saliva lines that forms later on. Truth is, they won't form. Another good reason to use a lip brush.

My Lips Always Tells A Story.

When applying makeup products on the face, keep in mind the word contrast. Everything you do must compliment each other.

Taking a look at this picture here, it's so easy to observe that there's so much drama going on on the lips. And because of that, the makeup artist kept it low on the eye. Except, of course, there's a particular story the artist is trying to depict.

I'd like to stress the word 'particular story.' There's always a story, something to tell behind every work a makeup artist has done. Just as it is for an artist painting a picture.

Monday, March 15, 2010

It's all about the brushes...

Makeup Brushes

Whether its foundation, eye shadow, lip or cheek color, there's a brush for every kind of makeup.

Learn about makeup brushes, how to use them and which ones to have in your makeup bag.rush sets come in lots of different forms, shapes and sizes but there’re a few things that you should always look for.

A good brush will have smooth and soft hair fibers that can be either natural...

* Squirrel
* Goat
* Sable
* Horse

...or synthetic. (Always test the natural fiber brushes to make sure you’re not allergic!) There’ll be little to no hair shedding and they’ll feel sturdy when you them in your hand.
There are tons of brushes available but there are certain ones you really need to have in your makeup case.

For Face

* Foundation Brush
* Concealer Brush
* Powder Brush
* Blush Brush

For Eyes

* Eyebrow Brush
* Eye Shadow Brush
* Small Angled Brush (for liners)
* Blending Brush
* Small Concealer Brush (for under eyes)
* Crease Brush

For Lips

* Lip Brush (use for lipstick and gloss)

If you want your brushes to last longer and keep their shape get a case to store them in as well. Plus, it’s just easier to find them if you have them all neatly stored in one place! Now you’re all set to get yourself a great set of professional brushes.

Highgloss! Lipgloss!

Lip gloss is a cosmetic product that is used in giving the lips a mildly glossy shine and sometimes, subtle color. It is distributed as a liquid or a soft solid (not to be confused with lip balm, which has medicinal purposes). It can be completely clear, translucent, or various shades of opacity, including frosted, glittered, and metallic looks.

Like lipstick, lip gloss comes in a variety of forms and may be applied in different ways. It can be contained in a small cylindrical bottle and applied with a rounded or sloped applicator wand or can be applied with a built in lip brush, or a small tube designed for application with the fingertip. Lip gloss is often used when a person wants to have some color on their lips, but does not want an intense, solid lip color effect (i.e. a more "made-up" look), as lipstick would create. Lip gloss is also often used as a sort of introduction to makeup. It's often used by preteen and young teenage girls who want to wear some makeup, but who think (or whose parents think) that they're a bit too young to wear a more intense lipstick color.

Oh my God! She's blushing!

When someone is said to blush, there's a rush of blood to the face and this happens when the person is in a height of emotions (shyness, excitement, anger etc). To blush means to become red-faced through shyness, excitement or embarrassment.

Natural blushing is can be very well seen in white people because the lack skin pigment. The blood rush to the face and the cheeks, nose and sometimes forehead and chin turn red. This is when you can say someone has a flushed look.

Over time, make up artist thought this looked trendy and soon enough that pale look on the face disappeared. Using makeup blushes on the cheeks is not just to colour the cheeks, but to create that healthy look blushing gives and to give the face contouring and definition.

Everybody on the face of the earth blushes. Imagine how hot your face feels when you're so angry. Truth is, you are actually blushing! If you're dark-skinned, like me, no one will ever see the rush of blood to your face so it is presumed that Africans don't blush. We actually do but it's not seen because we have pigmented skin.

In Nigeria, blushes were like a total no-no in everyday makeup. But recently and all of a sudden too, ladies everywhere and now seen coloring their cheeks. This is quite an improvement to makeup. But truth be told: many of us are actually overdoing it.

How to: To apply blush, sweep your blush brush over the blush powder and hit the cheekbones. With a quick, upward motion, sweep the brush from the cheek bones up to the ear area.(To get the cheekbones: you either suck in your lips or smile hard and full. Never, never apply blush with your fingers. You will definitely put on too much).

Blushing is actually done to highlight your cheeks. Therefore, it should glow through and not necessarily stand out. Once your cheeks look overly red or pink, you have already applied too much.

The model here is wearing pink, rosy cheeks and this is purely for photography. This look is definitely not an everyday look. Sadly enough, I've many ladies apply so much blush and they end up looking all painted and "cartoony". Worse still, I've seen some wear this wrong look going shopping, to work or to a party feeling all classy and sophisticated.

Any makeup that is quite too dressy and over-the-top should be reserved for the runway. Better, still keep it simple.

Let the real and beautiful you shine through. Don't force it by wearing too much makeup on. You're beautiful. Much love girls!!!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

MakeUp Products

Every woman on the face of the earth loves and cares for her face and is concerned about the way she looks.

For that classic look, it is advisable to keep it simple and natural (natural does not mean going sans makeup. It means wearing light makeup). You don't need to wear your make up heavy 24 hours everyday. This can block the pores and cause breakouts. It also deprives the facial pores of air.

For a classic daily make up, all that is needed are:
- Loose Powder (skip the foundation if you can)

- Eye pencil: to give the eyebrows full definition. Please ensure brow pencils compliment with your hair colour. (Avoid black or red eye pencils. It's simple. They make the wearer look horrible.)

- Eye liner/kohl (for the upper and lower eyelids)

- Eyeshadows: stick to powder eyeshadows for a daily look. And if you must use shimmered shadows cool them down with the powdered ones. Eyeshadows with too much shimmers can create a tired look after a while. Also, ensure you use light colours)

- Mascara: voluminizing, thickening, lengthening, defining. Which ever name different brands give them' just make sure they are never be missing in your makeup bag. They make eyelashes not just darker but also longer and full.

- Lip liner/pencils: use them to outline your lips. They must be in the same shade of the lipstick you intend to use. (Make sure the line created is not too thick and blend the line well with the lipgloss. No one wants to see your lined lips standing out. Avoid using black on the lips except it's for fashion or runway)

- Lip gloss/balm/stick: a girl's best friend. Need I say more?


These are my favorite tool! The eyeshadows makes me feel like an artist painting on a canvas. Left to me alone, I could swoosh my brush here and there and paint me something extraordinarily colorful. But then, it's not all about me.

Eyeshadows come in different colors, shapes, sizes and types. They're more like "eyes-cream" or "eye-candy". There are the shimmered and non-shimmer shadows. I love the shimmer eyeshadows for evening events especially, they help you steal the show. You can go bold by using even bolder colours for all the glitter you want.

Non-shimmer or still, powder shadows give that subtle and everyday look. This type of eyeshadow is great for calming down all the chaos from the eyeshadows with shimmers.

Anyhow you want it, just make sure it's done neatly. Nothing worse than eye shadows spilling out of their place and on to your face. That is quite messy and the makeup is ruined.

A general rule of thumb is to use brighter colours on the inner corners of the eye and browbone and darker colours on the outer eye corners. Doing this, helps open up the eyes.


This is a high fashion look. It is quite dressy.

Larger than life.

That beautiful model you see walking down the runway didn't just pop out the cover of a magazine. Even though she looks like she did.

She's been through it all; tweezed, caked, powdered, sprayed! You name it.

You too can achieve that runway look (but please bear in mind, it's not an everyday look. So you don't want to walk down the street looking like a joker).

This look you can wear when going for a costume party or a photography shoot.

How to: After the foundation and powder, fill in sparse areas in your eyebrows using a sharp-pointed eyebrow pencil. Next, the shadows. Here you can mix various colours to get different looks but make sure you blend them properly.

Note: notice how much attention has been drawn to this lady's eyes with shadows and makeup stones. When going heavy on the eye, a rule of thumb is to keep the lips nude and vice versa.

Matured Look!

For older people, their makeup routine is somewhat similar but only slightly different.

Use the correct foundation color and set this in with a shimmerless bronzer instead of powder. Powder most times sits within their smile lines and age lines and create marks on the face. Apply the powder with a powder brush and continue with the rest of the makeup routine.

The bronzer will give a natural, healthy and soft glow.

Carving Perfect Eyebrows

The eyes are windows to the soul. In the same light, the eyebrow can be said to be the window to the eye. You can create beautiful eyebrows from nothing. All you need is a tweezer, razor, small scissors, an eyebrow brush and the right color of eye pencil. This model has been given a beautiful pair of eyebrows. One can hardly tell that she doesn't have an eyebrow.